Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 year old...

This past Sunday we attempted to get some 5 year old pics of the little man.  
Last minute I grabbed his cowboy hat, and I'm so happy I did.  Those pictures with him wearing it ended up being my favorites.  

I had Kevin help me decide which pictures to put on here.  We narrowed it down from around 100 shots to about 20.  Ha

And with these pictures is an interview that we did with the little man: 
-How old are you?  5 weeks  you mean years?
-What makes you happy?  Going to school 
-Favorite animal?  Monkey really? weird.
-Favorite thing to eat?  Sausage of course  um... that's random
-Favorite thing to do?  Play Batman game
-Favorite tv show?  Batman cuz it's cool  cool??? Ha
What are you really good at?  cleaning my playroom  what?? your kidding me, right? Bahahaha  that's funny right there
Favorite movie? um... my Batman movie
Favorite color?  Blue there was no doubt
Favorite song? the fire song (We Are Young by FUN.)
Best Friend? Ethan sigh.  It's always about Ethan (And this Ethan teaches you bad things)
What do you like to do with your mommy?  Lay with her  (I'm assuming he means when I lay with him and watch cartoons...he always talks me into taking over my tv in my bedroom)
What do you like to do with your daddy?  when he plays with me
Favorite place to go?  park
What do you want to be when you grow up? Batman Reach for the stars my lil dude, reach for the stars.  (Do you see a theme here with his answers?)

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