Friday, February 8, 2013

5 year well check

Dane had his 5 year check up on Wednesday. Everything went well and he is a healthy growing normal 5 year old. This visit was easy peasy because he didn't have to get any vaccinations this year. Woohoo!

But, It started off a little awkward to say the least... The nurse that called our name from the waiting area was on the "smaller" side. Meaning her head was right at my elbow. I'm only 5"4, so you get the picture of how short she was. Well, we were walking behind her to the exam room when my sweet little guy loudly proclaims "mommy that lady is soooo little. Why is she so little??". Everyone that knows Dane knows that nothing He says is quiet. So, I immediately get embarrassed and I'm wanting the earth to open up and suck me in. I give him a stern "i cant believe you just asked that, be quiet" look while shaking my head no. Then he says even louder "WHAT??? I'm just asking why is she so little". Omg!! Meanwhile the nurse doesn't even give a half smile. Talk about awkward. Hilarious. But awkward. So after our little embarrassing moment we got to hang out and answer questions with the same nurse for the next 15 minutes. Good times.

But, back to the visit. He had to do a hearing test, and he passed it with flying colors unlike last year. Then it was the vision test. He had to stand pretty far away from a chart that had the letter E all over it going in different directions. The nurse wasn't good at explaining what she needed from Dane. (Maybe she was mad at us). So, Dane ended failing the test. The nurse was sure that he understood so was pretty quick to say he failed. I wasn't sure if Dane just didn't understand the directions or if he really couldn't see it. And since Kevin has eyes that required glasses at a younger age I wanted to make sure. When the doctor came in he wasn't ok that he failed it either, so had the nurse do the test in a different way. So she did and lo and behold he passed. He has 20/30 in both eyes which is exactly what his eyes were last year. So, still good and doesn't need glasses yet! Hope that continues.

Everything checked out good. Here's his latest stats:

At birth

7 lbs 5 oz 20 inches long
1 year
22 lbs 9 oz 29 inches long
18 months
25 lbs 1.2 oz 32 inches long
2 years
27 lbs 8.6 oz 34 inches long
3 years
30 lbs 8 oz 36 inches long
4 years
36 lbs 39 inches long
5 years old
38lbs. 41 1/2 inches tall.

Still in the 25% for height and around the 45% for weight. But equally proportionate and his growth chart shows he is right on track. His percentiles has been consistent each year which is what we want!

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