Friday, February 1, 2013

Birthday Madness Part 1

Y'all my baby is 5.  
How on earth did that happen???  Fastest 5 years of my life.  I never felt like years went that fast until I had a kid.  
Days go by so slow sometimes (unless I'm off work - those fly by), but years really go by fast.  
When Dane woke up he told me "You know I'm not a little kid anymore"
I guess he feels older.  


Dane had a wonderful birthday.  The whole day he felt super special, which was the goal.  I think it's fair to say that he had a really good birthday.  Kevin and I decorated the house when Dane went to sleep the night before.  I got balloons from the dollar store, used a bunch of streamers I had just laying around the house and hung them in the doorways downstairs, and I printed off some free Happy Birthday banners from online.  Super easy, and cheap but Dane loved it.  He was so excited that the house was decorated for him. Kevin got him some birthday donuts that morning before leaving for work.  

 We filled the little hallway leading to his bedroom door with balloons, so when he woke up and walked out of his room he would immediately know that it was his special day.  

He didn't see me when he first opened his door.  I was hiding behind a wall.  His reaction was really cute.  He opened the door and said "OH" real loud, looked up at the streamers, looked back and forth down the hall with his squinty eyes and then got a big smile on his face.  He saw me and said "does these balloons mean I'm 5??" When I said yes, he got real excited and started throwing himself into the balloons, and shouting that it was his birthday.  He played in the balloons for a while before wanting to go downstairs.  
Excuse what he is wearing... as you can see when he dresses himself he makes really good fashion choices.  Ha

He was just as excited when he walked in to the kitchen and saw that the downstairs was decorated too.  He thought that the 5 made out of legos was the coolest thing ever... couldn't believe that his daddy could actually make that.  He was excited to see sprinkle donuts, and even more excited when he saw that there were a couple presents on the table as well.  I let him open a couple that morning, and then did the rest when Kevin got home from work.  I sang Happy Birthday to him, and he blew out the candle.  He was happy to see that when he blew out the candle it stayed out unlike last time.     

Excited much about a new wii game??

 Still into costumes... he has wanted a black batman cape for forever.  I found this one that was reversible.  He was really excited about this too.  And yes, I still have my christmas cards up... I don't have the heart yet to pull them down.  I like looking at all the pictures of the ones I care about. 

After breakfast and the morning festivities it was time to get ready and go to school.  

I'll have to continue with Part 2 later... this girl is worn out from all the birthday fun.  I plan on doing absolutely nothing this weekend! Night!

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