Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birthday Madness Part 2

After I dropped off Dane at his school on his birthday I ran back home to meet my mom who was on our way into town.  We had a little over 3 hours to do everything we needed to do before heading back to Dane's school for lunch and his school "party".  I would say the craziness began as soon as my mom got to my house.  We immediately hit the road to conquer our to-do list.  Dane didn't know that Granny was coming into town, so that was going to be a surprise.  Granny wanted to get some balloons and a cookie treat to bring to the school to surprise Dane.  So, we had a lot to do and in a very short amount of time to get it all done.  We were all over Cypress and Tomball running around like a bunch of crazies. Ha  We picked up cupcakes, balloons, went to the cookie company, stopped by Mc Donald's for a special lunch for Dane, a billion shoe stores all before noon.  Dane needed new tennis shoes, so that was going to be a present from Granny.  We waited till she came into town thinking it would be a quick trip to one store.  But... no.  His size was M.I.A at EVERY STORE we went too. I ended up finding a pair after we picked up Dane from school after a couple more stores. Even though we were crazy busy with running errands we managed to grab a quick bite at Gringos before heading to Dane's school.  We gotta get our Mexican food fix.  

When we arrived to his school Granny went in first to his classroom and had the balloons covering her face.  When she moved them Dane screamed "GRANNY",  he was so excited to see her.  We were quickly swarmed by twenty 4/5 year olds, all so excited that it was Dane's birthday and we had balloons.  They all started shouting Happy Birthday to Dane, and asking for cupcakes and if they could have a balloon.  Pretty funny.  There was one little boy who asked Granny about 187,456 times if he could have a balloon.  Then he started bribing Dane that he could play his DS if he could have his Batman balloon.  Kids are funny.  
We got there about 15 minutes before lunch, so we at watched them do their book reading, and criss cross songs.  Dane was so excited that we were there for his birthday.  Since it was his birthday he got to pick which books and songs they did, and even got to be line leader.  Important stuff. 
Dane was more excited that we brought him Mc Donald's! 
We hung out in the cafe and sat with Dane while the kids ate their lunch.  Then we passed out cupcakes, kids sang Happy Birthday and all that.  Instead of bringing candy or those little junky toys that all parents hate for party favors I printed out some free lego coloring pages and tied a couple crayons with yarn around each one.  The kids were really excited to get those.  I forgot to take a picture of them, but they were really cute. 
We got the kids all hyped up and crazy and then it was time to take Dane home with us.  Sure his teachers loved that!! Ha
 So cute with his 5 that his teacher made him. 

 His awkward smile kills me! Makes me laugh, but it's so weird!! Love his real smile so much more


 On a sugar high with cupcakes and the cookies that Granny brought!

When Kevin got home from work we set up the Skype so Grandma and Grandpa could watch him open presents.  He opened up his presents from them, from Granny and then from us.  He got a lot of fun stuff.  Movies, clothes, wii games, legos, a tent etc.  He loved everything he got, and was really happy on his birthday.  We had a special dinner at IHOP.  Yes, IHOP.  Ha  The boy loves pancakes, and loves breakfast for dinner so we thought that would be a perfect place to take him.  And it was. He was a happy camper the whole day.   Then we came home and had an oreo pudding cake I had made, and Dane played with his new stuff.  
The day couldn't have been more perfect.  He had a great birthday, and felt special the entire day. 
Turning 5 was a success! 

 After blowing out candles 3 times before this one he decided to get silly while doing it.  He didn't even let us sing the whole birthday song before he started blowing out a candle one by one from far away.  He was giggling and being silly like it was a game that he was blowing out the candles before he was suppose too.  Funny little dude!

After it was all said and done... I was one pooped momma.  

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