Saturday, February 23, 2013

Didn't realize we were playing in the Major league...

Tee-ball is in full swing.  Well, the practices anyway.  The games don't start for another month, but we are at the field Mondays and Saturdays for practices.  I say that it has been in full swing, but really the last 2 Mondays we have gotten rained out.  No complaints here! Ha  What we are finding though, is that little league baseball is waaaaay different than little league soccer.  Soccer we just had to pay our money to be in the league, show up for practices and games,  and get our trophy the last game and call it a day.  But... baseball requires a lot more of your time.  A lot more.  
A couple weeks ago before we had met anyone on the team we found out there was a "Team Mom", and I have to be honest at first I was like how did she get picked feeling a little jaded. Not that I wanted to be the team mom... but feeling like we should have a say on it.  HaHa It's obvious that she and her family already knew the coach way before the season started.  But, now that we have gotten a "few" emails of all that is required of the team that the team mom is in charge of I'm having a little celebratory dance that I am in fact not the team mom or friends with who is.  Because let me tell you... that woman is going be a little on the stressed side when it's all said and done.  
So, not only is there practices and games, but we have to come up with a sponsor for our team.  And if there is no sponsor then our team has to fork over $400 to the league.  The team mom is in charge with trying to find a local business that will sponsor our team.  Um... girl you better find us a sponsor.  We had/have to make a basket with a theme that can be used for a silent auction item that will be bid on on opening day.  We will have concession stand duties meaning we have to volunteer in the stand and be cashiers.  Opening Day there is a big parade for all the teams, which we as a team have to make a float for.  I feel like I'm forgetting stuff.  But, it's a lot.  Little overwhelming reading the emails. This is tee-ball, not pro ball.  But, we are just going to roll with it.  

Dane is really enjoying the practices.  They haven't really gotten into the rules of the game yet, it's been mostly basic stuff.  But, he seems to have fun when he is there, and tries hard when it's his turn to do drills.  He is making friends with his teammates, which is never a concern for me because the boy could seriously talk to a wall.  He's never shy, but it's cute to watch him having real conversations with other little boys.  I have no idea if Dane will like this sport or not, if it will be something he will enjoy.  I don't really care either way, but all I can do is expose him to different activities so he can figure out what he likes to do and doesn't.  So, far he seems to enjoy being there.  And I have to say he is super duper cute with his baseball helmet on swinging that bat.  Like super cute.  :)

Lots of pictures from today's practice... but would you expect anything less?
Being crazy running the bases.  
Who has their glove on the correct hand???  MEEEEEE!! All the kids tend to want to put it on their dominant hand.  Coach has to take a little time correcting and figuring it out because there are a couple left handers on the team. 
Doing the 2 finger and thumb grab of the ball...

lots of time spent on getting the ball when it's "rolled" to ya.  Trying to get them used to working the glove before attempting catching with it.  

Hold your ball with the 3 fingers, point with your glove to your target, and throw, and follow through.  And repeat.
Learning how to hold a bat, swing etc and let's not forget how to keep the bats to our self.  Man alive when the boys are doing the bat skills the parents are holding their breaths.  Boys like to swing bats... and put bats above their heads, and use bats as weapons.  The coach had to have a very STERN lecture that bats are to be kept by their sides at all times unless batting so there isn't an injury.  5 year old boys with metal bats... yeah let's have a moment of silence and pray for the safety of our team.  For real. 

No idea what to say about this picture... and this kid.  Crazy ham.   

At the very end of the practice there was a 10 min mock game.  And it was HI-LAR-IOUS.  We got a lot of work to do.  A lot!! Ha The kids batted and had to run to first base.  The kids on the field had to try and get it and throw it to the coach at first base.
Dane was in the outfield, which meant he was doing his own thing because no kid batted the ball past the pitcher. But, he was ready just in case that ball came to him.  Or at least he had his glove on.  Ha!!!!

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Jennifer said...

That is crazy ya'll have to find a sponsor for your team. In BC we have businesses that sponsor all the time and then sometimes the coaches business will be the sponsor of the team. It's never an issue. Oh and the team mom is usually the coach's wife down here...LOL. BCLL is huge here, seriously! Ya'll will have fun...once you get used to everything you will find it is so much fun! Get ready...this will take up your entire spring! :)