Friday, February 15, 2013

Showing some love

It's been a week full of love.  
An explosion of hearts everywhere.  And I've loved every minute of it. 
We had a great Valentine's Day/week.  
We spent the early part of the week addressing valentine's.  I made Dane write his name on all of them, but I wrote "my friend" on all the envelopes.  
 I made some cute lunches for Dane this week.  The picture below I took from pinterest because I forgot to take a picture of the ones I made, but it looked pretty similar.  Heart hot dogs, and heart cut out sandwiches, and pink cookies for dessert.  
 We had heart pancakes for breakfast one day, and Dane loved it.  
 We made pink mint chocolate chip cookies for valentine treats for Dane's teachers and the office staff at his school.  
Dane had a valentine party at his school on Thursday, and I was able to go to it because I was off that day.  He was so happy that I was there, which always makes going even better.  
The kids got to pass out their valentine's to each of their classmates.  Dane was so funny because he was adamant to give each kid their "correct" valentine. He would ask me when holding up a card if it said that particular kid's name who he was in front of.  I tried telling him that they were all the same, that they all said friend on it.  Then he would ask his friend.  What letters are in your name? And the kid would actually spell their name, and Dane would look at the card confused.  Funny I tell you.  It took a little bit of convincing him to just pass them out.  They are all the same.  
Isn't his box beautiful?? Ha  
His teacher said she had to coax him into putting paint and glitter and hearts on it.  He said it was all girl colors, and he wanted blue paint and hearts to put on his box.  Oh man.    

Dane making the trip around.  He was a riot.
Looking through the envelopes on how to spell that kid's name.

ooohhh candy!

I had our formal dining room decorated when Dane got out of school and Kevin got home from work.  I'm a dork, I know.  But, I wanted it to be fun when they got home. 

 I made some yummy v-day treats like cupcakes and pink lemonade.

 Nothing says love like heart ice cubes.  Yep. 

And of course, had some fun goodies for my boys.  I found a little heart lego set that was perfect.  Dane LOVED it.  It opened up where he can hide small lego pieces in.  

 Fun v-day candy is always fun too. 

 My boys knew I was desperate for a day at the spa, so got me a gift card.  Looking forward to that.

 Legos is seriously Dane's love language.  So, this little v-day heart was GREAT!!! Tiny lil package, not a whole lot of pieces but perfect for a v-day gift.

 Dane had been telling me ALL WEEK that he was going to make me a V-Day card.  It came as a surprise to Kevin, and after Dane literally talked it about it EVERY DAY he figured he better get on that!  I love it.  Dane told me exactly what the card was going to look like because he's terrible with secrets.  Ha

 Of course, I have to add a lil homemade gift to the mix. 

I got Dane this lego necklace.   He has a piece and I have a piece and together it makes a heart.  Super cheesy, but I thought it was cute, and he really liked it.  He keeps asking me if I'm wearing my piece.  

Eternity love bracelets.  
 Also found these lego men crayons that I thought were super cute.  
 We ended the night with some heart pasta, and heart calzones and an overdose of sugar.  

Perfect Valentine's Day for my little family of 3.  

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