Monday, February 11, 2013

Tee-Ball has begun

Saturday morning Dane had his first tee-ball practice.  He is on the Padre tee-ball team with 11 other boys.
Before I talk about that I have to admit that on this particular morning I was wrong and Kevin was right.  GASP! I know, that doesn't happen too often.   HAHA just kidding.  So, I have to fess up when I'm wrong!  But, I did have a mommy fail.
Kevin got Dane dressed that morning in long athletic type pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.  The minute I saw him I started saying that he was dressed too warm.  That he was going to get hot, it wasn't that cold outside.  I even walked outside and confirmed that it wasn't that cool outside in the sun.  I even dressed myself in capris and flip flops.  Well, we got to the field and let me just tell you it was freezing.  FREEZING! Longest hour of my life.  My toes were like ice.  I felt terrible that I had changed Dane into a t-shirt.  So, I had to tell Kevin that he was right!! Of course he had to rub it in the whole practice! :)

So, not only did we fail with Dane's attire.  Although.. he was running around the whole time, he never complained that he was cold.  So, that was good.  But, we get to the practice only to realize that we forgot our chairs to sit in while the practice was going on.  Oh... and we forgot Dane's water.  We didn't realize we forgot the water until the coach called the first water break.  OOPSIE.  Fail Fail Fail. Thankfully, I had brought tea for me, so he was able to drink that during the breaks.   We'll be better next Saturday.  Gotta get back into the swing of things.

The practice went great! The coach has worked with this age group for several years, and really seems to know how to connect with the kids and teach them the techniques.  This practice was about basically gaining confidence with the boys, introducing the basics like which base is which, how many fingers you should use to pick up and throw the baseball, scooping the ball into the glove, and learning the basics on how to throw a ball.  Dane was all smiles the entire time, really seemed to enjoy his time and hanging out and getting to know the kids on his team.  He had so much fun when the coach had them play a game where they had to run the bases and then tag their teammate. So cute to watch.  They didn't break out the bats or tees on the first practice.  Coach Chris is wanting them to gain confidence with just being on the team before breaking out the bats and hitting the ball. The boys had a good practice, and they all seemed to have a great time.  Tee-Ball - Day 1 was a success!  We have about a month before Opening Day and the first game.  I'm hoping that Dane enjoys it!!  I gotta get used to our Saturday ritual again.

 My battery died on my camera after 5 minutes of being there, so cell phone pictures will have to do.

 doing drills to teach how many fingers are needed to pick up the baseball correctly... I had no idea that you only use 3.  Interesting.
 Warming up by running the bases and shouting what base you are on.  
 The cutest little guys ever
 Learning how to scoop the ball.  Using that glove is hard work! 
 Dane hitting home plate after the tag game.  He loved this!
 Working that glove.  
 I'm not exactly sure what this drill was... on one knee, holding your elbow while throwing the ball.  They did it multiple times, and Kevin isn't here to clarify...   I need some work too on all the lingo.  Ha But Dane followed the instructions and tried his best with whatever the coach asked him to do.  
Down ready to scoop the ball when it was rolled to him.  
How cute is he with his glove?? It's hard to see in this picture, but he had a smile the entire time we were there.  I hope he enjoys the season!!  Let's go Padres!

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