Monday, February 18, 2013

The weekend in cell pictures

It's been a relaxing weekend.  I was off Thursday already and suppose to be off today, so I went ahead and made a long weekend out of it and took Friday off.  Thursday was Valentine's so the day was spent doing all that cheesy heart stuff I mentioned earlier.  Friday, Dane and I hung out at the house for a while.  He was super duper hyper with so much energy so we took a trip to Memorial City Mall and let him run around for a couple hours at the playground.

I brought my new book to read while he played, and it was such an easy great read that I was nearly done when it was time to leave the playground.  I've been reading this girl's blog for years, it's actually one of my favorites.  She is just hilarious, so I was excited when she wrote a book.  It did not disappoint.
Dane had a blast at the playground.  There were several little boys there his age, and they hit it off and had so much fun together.  I let him play for a long time.  Got out all that crazy energy he had.

Saturday Dane had tee-ball practice that morning.  I was feeling a bit under the weather, so the boys went and did that while I tried to sleep off my head cold.  It was so pretty outside that we didn't want to waste the day.  Kevin was getting rowdy, so I decided to take him to the park.  :)

HA! We spent a while at the park.  Dane is a psycho swinger.  He wants you to push him.  And he wants to be at the highest point immediately.  He just yells HIGHER HIGHER over and over.  You can never get him high enough.  Oh, it's exhausting.  But, the kid loves to swing.  So, you do what you can.  Ha
He is OBSESSED with his shadow.  Remember him at the soccer games.  Well, the shadow is back.  He is crazy.  Ha  His last tee-ball practice the shadow was out, and he was distracted when it wasn't his turn to do the skills.  We asked him why he was watching his shadow.  He said "well, I want it to stop following me".  Hilarious.

It was all fun and games till the boys decided that they wanted to play tag.  Dane's running from Kevin screaming and giggling.  Both boys were wearing baseball hats.  Kevin yells to Dane to watch where he was running because Dane tends to run with his head down.  And then it happens... Kevin is running and next thing I know he takes out a metal rod with his head.  Hard.  I heard his head hit, but I thought it was hand because I wasn't looking in that direction, and turn and see Kevin on the ground.  At first, I thought Kevin was kidding.  That he had pretended to hit the bar and fell to make Dane laugh.  But he doesn't get up.  Yeah, he had a fight with a metal bar.  And the bar won.  His head was bleeding in 3 spots, and there was a big knot and scraped up spots.  What on earth just happened??? His head got tore up! He wouldn't let me take a picture of it.  Meanwhile Dane is still yelling at Kevin to come tag him.  Ha
womp womp. So, the party was over.
But, I knew something would make Kevin feel better...
First batch of the season for him.  So, went to Willie's and sat on the patio and had appetizers and Kevin had crawfish while Dane played in the sand pit.  We really enjoyed the weather.  I don't know what it is about the sand pit.  But those kids love it. Not my thing, but it kept Dane occupied for the entire time we were there.  It let us sit and relax and actually hold a real convo.  So, I'm all about restaurants with sand pits!

Saturday evening we hung out on our back patio listening to music, playing Ruzzle (which is so addicting by the way... download that game!!), letting Dane play outside etc.  Nice quiet evening.
Dane put on his boots and grabbed his rifle to "shoot" some birds.

Sunday after church we spent the day outside again.  Doing the same kind of thing.  We went to Gringos and let Dane play while we sat outside snacking on chips and queso.  Just enjoyed the day and the weather and we didn't want to be cooped up in the house.

As I watched Dane play in the "hut", I decided that I really needed a vacation!! I could really use a vacation with maybe a private hut with pretty water and drinks with little umbrellas.  Hmm..  That would be great.  Sunday evening we were lazy, I got caught up on all my recorded tv shows.  And we have done nothing too crazy.  But, it was a nice relaxing weekend.  I really enjoyed it! 

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