Sunday, March 24, 2013

Opening Day!!!!!

 The day we have been waiting on finally arrived!! 
Opening Day!!

We were all pretty excited about it.  Saturday started off pretty dang early.  You know it's early when you have to wake Dane up, because he is an early riser.  You also know it's early when your kid asks if he has to play baseball in the dark!! Ha 
We met at the coaches house for breakfast, and to decorate the trucks the kids would be riding in.  Our coach also coaches a softball team in the league so it was a packed house of little rowdy boys already getting their uniforms dirty, and little prissy girls who all had matching ribbons in their hair.  Organized chaos at it's finest.  The kids filled up on sugar with all different kinds of donuts, while the adults ate breakfast tacos and drank coffee trying to be alert.  We weren't there even 5 minutes and Dane's baseball pants were already filthy.  It's a boy thing, because he was not alone.  His whole team pretty much looked like they had already played their game. But, dirt and all I couldn't get over how stinking cute Dane looked in his uniform.  Adorable.

 The parents decorated the trucks while the kids played.  And then we loaded up the kids in the back, and then the parents had to go and try and get parking and a spot to watch the parade.  The coach's house was pretty close to the starting point.  Each kid had a bucket full of candy and beads, and they were each given a noise maker.  You can only imagine how loud it was with 24 kids with noise makers!! I felt sorry for the coach's neighbors!!   Ha

The kids were soooo excited for the parade.  Dane was very concerned that if he was throwing candy how would he get candy for himself?  So, we made sure to tell him that whatever was thrown to us we would save for him.  We ended up running into some friends at the parade, and stood with them while we waited for the trucks. We were collecting candy for Dane, and our friends were collecting candy to use for Easter egg fillers!! I wish I would have thought of that before buying and stuffing Dane's school eggs for his school party.  Anyway, Kevin and I had a little pile of candy for Dane.  But, evidently we didn't need to collect candy. He's so funny. The team mom told me when we met up with them at the end of the parade that she was hoping I wasn't going to be mad, but every time she looked at Dane he was sneaking candy!!! Basically, he would throw some and eat some and back and forth the entire parade. HAHA Of course, I wasn't mad and thought it was hilarious.  He was on a major sugar high by 9:00, and I was hoping that it didn't mean he was just going to crash when it was game time.  

After the parade the kids were lined up by their team number.  Dane thinks it's so cool that his number is 1!! And then all the teams met on the field for the opening ceremonies.  The parents weren't allowed on the field, and so we were packed like sardines outside the field.  There are so many teams, so it's hard to see your kid.  Where we were standing it was hard to hear the speakers, but the ceremony lasted about 15 minutes.  It was so cute to see all the teams, all so cute.  

After the opening ceremony we had about 45 minutes to kill before it was time to meet at our field to warm up for our first game.  We went to our house for a little bit to get Dane cleaned up...he had candy all over his face and had sticky hands.  So, we got cleaned up and had a snack and then it was time to head back.  I was little nervous that since Dane had been up at this point for hours, and there was so much excitement that by the time the game started he was going to be worn out and not want to play.  
Even though he was really tired he did really good during the game.  I was proud of him.  

This was before the game started...doing drills on the field to warm up, and Dane was kicking the dirt.  We were like uh oh.  But, when it was his turn to do the drill he got right in there and listened to the coach.  
They looked sooooo cute in the dug out.  
The entire field and dug out was caged in, so getting pictures was tricky.   I had to focus my camera through the holes and depending on how much I was zoomed in you could see the wires vagely.  So, in a lot of the pictures you can see that the pictures are lighter in spots, but those were the wires.  I think they came out good though, and it kind of gave character to the pictures.  Ha

The kids alternated positions each time they were on the field.  Dane started off doing short stop, and got a couple opportunities to chase the ball and throw in the direction of first base.  It's hilarious to watch, because the majority of the kids don't really know what they are doing yet, and would have to be told to run after hitting the ball, and to go get the ball etc. 

He looked so cute out there.  Super duper cute.  

Then it was Dane's turn to bat.  He swung once and missed, but then got his first hit!! So proud of him.  He swung, and hit the ball and was able to drop the bat and run to first base.  

He looks so little wearing that big ol helmet standing there on the base. 
The next batter got a hit, and Dane made it to Second base!! Woohoo! Unfortunately, we got our 3rd out, so Dane wasn't able to go to 3rd.  But, he was excited that he hit the ball.  

The next time he was on the field he played 1st base.  

Here's Dane in the batting cage practicing his swing waiting for his turn.  

He got another hit!! But... he took too long to start running to the base and the other team got the ball to first before he got there and got him out.  He was sad.  :( But, it was a learning lesson for him.  The kids  need to work on as soon as they hit the ball to run.  They all just stand there waiting on instruction from their coach.  So, he will get the hang of it.  First game was a success for the little man.  He seemed to really enjoy being there at the game, and he did a good job listening. 

Dane had a lot of fun.  We got beat by the other team... really they pretty much spanked us.  They were pretty good at getting us out, but our team did good and they all seemed to enjoy playing baseball.  Such a fun day!!!

Dane was pooped by the time we got home, and actually took a 2 hr nap which never happens anymore.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Picnics are the best lunches

Can I get an amen?!?!?!
It's been a really long week.  To say that I'm exhausted and completely worn out would be an understatement.  Mama is tired.  I feel like I've been run over by a mac truck kind of tired.  Dramatic? Yes. 
We have a BIG day tomorrow.  It's Opening Day for our baseball league which will include a parade first thing in the morning, opening ceremonies, his first game and an auction.  It's going to be a busy Saturday, but we are excited to get started with the season. 

Yesterday, Dane and I had to run several errands to get ready for Saturday.  We were also on the lookout for some springy shoes for Dane, which was not a success by the way. As much as I love shoe shopping, and my little man the two do not go well together.  Dane isn't a fan, and doesn't make it a fun experience.  
When we got home we realized it was after 1:00, and had had no lunch.  Dane was begging to go to the park, and I was just dying to relax a little.  But, I gave in and packed up some sandwiches, yogurt and cheese nips and off we went.  It was actually pretty relaxing once we got there because it felt great outside.  I chilled in the shade on the blanket while he played on the playground after we ate our lunch.  It was a nice afternoon, and made me slow down a little from the hustle and bustle of my crazy week. 
Bring on the weekend!