Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun Days

I'm sitting in a quiet house.  My little man has been in Orange with his Granny and Poppy since Sunday.  So, Kevin and I have had a few days alone.  It's been nice to have a little break, but I'm missing my little man, and will be happy to see him tomorrow.  

Lots has been going on the last few days.  I was off Monday and Tuesday from work, and Kevin and I took a little get away.  So, it was really hard to get back into work today.  

Since Dane was going to be leaving Sunday for 4 nights I took him on a little date last week.  He has been begging me to go back to the fire museum that we went to back in August.  So, we stopped and had breakfast at Chick Fil-a, and then went and played at the Fire museum for a few hours.  Dane had so much fun.  There was a couple other kids there, so he just had the best time pretending to be a fireman.  The museum and the play area are both really small, but Dane just loves being there.  He is such a good pretender, so this place is a lot of fun for him.  We enjoyed spending the day doing something fun together before he was shipped off to Orange.  

my little date
There was a "baby" that kept getting stuck at the top of this pole that Dane had to keep rescuing when there was a fire... I kept saying "where is this baby's mother??" And Dane would just laugh, and say "she's at her house"
Then he would slide down the pole saving the baby.

this kid is so funny... he was looking at himself in the mirror making crazy faces

This Fireman took "naps" in his truck while he waited for his next call.  The phone would ring, and then he would run to get his fire clothes on before getting back in the truck to get to the next fire.  

He cracked himself up when he would put on the overalls.  

Thursday I got to have a day to myself.  Those are very rare, so I was excited.  I actually slept in til 8:50, which is soooo late for me.  When Dane is around sleeping in means till about 6:30, so I felt really rested.  Then I went and piddled and did some shopping.  I got all of the Easter Bunny's stuff for Dane's basket, and was able to mess around town.  That may sound stressful to some, but I love being able to piddle by myself.  I ended the day with a massage, wine and then caught up on my dvr shows.
It was a great "ME  MYSELF and I" day.  

Friday couldn't have gotten here any sooner.  I was so ready for the weekend to start.  After work we enjoyed some mexican food before calling it a night.  Dane was in rare form, and desperate for some sleep.  He was a bit Cra Cra at dinner.  And I have proof...

And with that... we were ready for a few nights alone.  :)

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