Thursday, March 7, 2013

That's what he said...

Just some funnies...

Some of these I put on facebook, but I wanted to add some of the funny things that Dane has said on here to remember.  
I wish that I had a recording going 24/7 because he is constantly saying funny things.  He says stuff that has us laughing all the time.  With his old age he has gotten some of Kevin's sarcasm already, and at times he can be a bit sassy.  (We are working on that and his tone).  Yes, boys can be sassy too... who knew?? 

Ok, here we go...

D:  "Did you know that elephant starts with L?"
me: "no it starts with E"
D:  "Um... EL-EL-EL-ephant.  See it starts with L"
me:  "Well, it does sound like L.  It's EL which does make the L sound."
D: "ACTUAL-LY (while sighing real loud) it starts with L."
~~All I can say is that I wish his kindergarten teacher the best of luck.  Stubborn Stubborn little man.


The other day I was catching up on some reality tv.  In my own little world.  Dane came from upstairs and just randomly blindsided me with this question.
"What part of the brain makes me talk?"
me: "um, I'm not sure I would have to look it up" (blown away by his question)
D: "Yes, you do know.  Daddy just said you know a lot about science" 
I crack up, and then thank Kevin for throwing me under the bus. 
So, I tell him "It's been a lo-ng time since I took Anatomy.  I don't remember exactly which part controls talking."
In a Matter of fact way he then says "I think it's the pink park, because it's a really big part and I talk a whole lot!"
Yeah, I cracked up.  


K: "Dane, what are you making for dinner"
D: "It's not my turn to cook"
(we need to get him on the rotation)


We were leaving swim the other day and Dane was telling me he had water in one of his ears.  
D:  "Do, you hear me talking?"
me: yes
D: "how can you hear me I have water in my ear"
meanwhile he is messing with his ear, has his head tilted and hitting his other ear.  
D: "hey I got it out"
me: "oh, that's good.  Does it feel better"
D: "of course it does.  You know I must be a genius since I figured out how to get the water out:
me: laughing "genius huh? 
D: "yep, that's what I said"


I was at Target and Kevin and Dane were on their way home when Kev had texted me to pick up some milk while I was there.
He then told Dane that I was getting milk
D: "she's at Krogers?"
K: "no, Target"
D: "Target has milk?  I can't believe it"


So, little back story... Dane has a BFF at school, Ethan.  Not to be mean, but He wouldn't be my first choice for him to have as a friend.  He's a bad influence on Dane.  I feel like he kind of bullies him, and Dane always tells us that Ethan makes him do stuff or doesn't let him do stuff etc.  So, we have been trying to get through to Dane that Ethan isn't his boss, that if he is being mean he can play with other friends.  
So, while eating dinner Kevin was talking to Dane about his day at school.  
Kevin mentioned Ethan and said "So, your still hanging out with Ethan huh?"
D:  with his palms up and out "Let's just say.... I'm still making my own choices"
Hilarious.  He's a riot.  

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