Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bridgeland Nature Festival

There's a big neighborhood in our area called Bridgeland that puts on a huge nature festival every year. We've never been, but we had heard it has lots of fun things to do.  So, Saturday after Dane's game we headed over there for some fun for a few hours.  It was a pretty big festival, with everything being free for the most part besides the food.  There were paddle boats, kayaking, laser tag, several bouncy houses and obstacle courses, camel riding etc etc.  We had a great time, and spent a couple hours there before heading out just in time to miss the horrible thunderstorms that Houston got yesterday.  

Dane and Kevin did some kayaking.  Dane thought this type of boat looked "cooler" than the paddle boats, so he chose this. His reasoning is just funny.  

I can't even tell you how grossed out I was when I saw the booth of armadillos.  Only in Texas.  Kids were given gloves and allowed to go in and pet them.  GAG!!! 

Thankfully, Dane wanted no part of actually touching them, and was only in the booth for about 1.5 seconds.  Ugh.  Gave me the willies.  

Dane loved the laser tag! He looked hilarious in the head piece, but this was right up his alley.  

And his pants are wet from the kayaking.

He did the inflatable obstacle course about 175 times.  

I saw a booth with fried oreos.  Um, Yes please!! SOOOOOO good! 

We had a great time.  It was pretty hot and humid though which sucked.  I guess our cool fronts are gone.  :(  We got back to our truck just in time for it to start pouring.  Then we vegged out the rest of the day.  Good Saturday.  Scroll down for pictures from game 7. 

Lucky 7

Saturday morning we had Game #7.  We now only have 3 games left, which makes me so sad.  Dane is really loving baseball, so I'm going to hate when the season is over.  It's gone by so fast, and Dane has really improved over the last 7 games. I'd hate to make him wait another year before playing again.  He loves playing so much, and pretty much asks everyday if he has a baseball game that day. I'm hoping to find a league that does summer or fall ball.  We'll see.  
He did really well this game.  He seemed to be so focused the entire game, listened to everything he was suppose to do and really tried hard and played well the entire game.  
He played 2nd Base twice and right field this go round.  He got to bat 3 times, and made 2 runs! The first time he batted he got to 1st base, and then the next batter batted straight to 2nd base, and he was able to tag Dane out when he was heading to the base.  He was not happy.  The coach told him to head back to the dug out and he told him that that kid didn't have the ball when he touched him.  It was like he was a grown player already fighting the call.  Hilarious!!  But, he was really excited that he got 2 runs.  We were proud of how hard he tried.  His batting is getting better and better.  Kevin has been working with him in the back yard with his technique and his placement etc.  I don't know much about how to hit a ball off a tee (or hit a ball period), but Kevin thinks that he is applying the things that he has been working on during the game and is improving each week.  Also, the whole team is starting to learn and understand the fundamentals of the game.  It's like little light bulbs are twinkling on while they are playing the game.  Now catching the ball is a whole other story! Ha 
This whole baseball thing is going so much better than soccer went.  We aren't having to nag every second of the game.  Now that doesn't mean when he is in the dug out waiting his turn he is being perfect, or when he is in the outfield he doesn't get a little silly... attention span is still very small.  But, it's just way different, and I'm loving it.   

Here's a short video of him batting from Saturday's game.  We were only able to get his first 2 times up to bat, then my camera decided that it's memory was full.  :(  Sucks, because his last time to bat was probably one of his best at bats of that day.  He hit a nice ground ball all the way to the shortstop.  His coach has been trying to get them to run all the way through the base instead of slowing down as they get close to the base.  The first time he batted he was so focused on running through that he didn't touch the base, and the other coach had to push him to the base before getting out.  So funny.  He's right where you would expect a 1st time tee-ball player to be.  He's still learning the fundamentals, improving each week, has a lot to learn, but is having a lot of fun while doing it.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Better Late than Never...

We have had a great day today.  Dane had an early game this morning, which he played great in and then we went to a festival here in Cypress for a few hours. Pictures coming soon.  We had a great time there, and ended up leaving in perfect time.  We were in our truck just a couple minutes before the skies opened up and it began pouring outside.  We had ribs cooking in the crock pot which were delicious and have spent the rest of the day watching movies together while listening to the thunder and lightening.  It's raining so hard right now, but it's so relaxing hanging with my boys while watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Dane LOVES that movie.  He watches it all the time. 

While I was uploading pictures from the day I noticed I forgot to put a couple on here from when my mom and niece were in town last weekend.  My mom's birthday was on the 12th of this month.  We had plans to take her to the Cy-Fair wine festival that we went to to celebrate her birthday.  But, my step dad ended up going in for a minor procedure on his heart the day before, and came out having huge amount of blockage on both sides of his heart and requiring a stent.  Very scary.  So, my mom had to cancel obviously.  He is doing fine now by the way.  But, I felt bad we didn't get to celebrate her birthday a few weeks before, so Dane and I made her a birthday cake last weekend to eat after his game.  

I didn't want to burn the house down (just kidding Mom) with how many candles she was suppose to have.  Don't worry Mom my lips are sealed on how many candles you should have had this year. :) HEHE  So, we just did 3.  One for every person in the Wittschen house who loves her.  
I snuck some trick candles on there, and as my mom (and Dane) are about to blow out the candles Kevin loudly exclaims "Are those trick candles???" And I nicely told him to SHUT UP! haha 
But, they quickly figured it out after blowing them out and seeing that they magically re-appeared.  And then we all enjoyed some chocolate marble cake.  
So, Happy Late Birthday Mom! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just some things...

What all has been going on here? Besides Baseball? Not much. 
Dane has about 6 weeks left of pre-school.  Can't believe that he will be starting kindergarten in August.  I'm in the middle of getting all his paper work organized that is needed to get him registered.
He has a pre-school graduation ceremony mid May that will involve him wearing a cap and gown.  Where has the time gone? 
This week started a change in my work schedule.  It has it's pros and cons.  But, some of the pros that I have been relishing in the last 3 days is shorter hours and getting off at 3:00 two weeks out of the month.  So, the last 3 days I have had to deal with no traffic on my way home which is HUGE for my sanity, and having a couple extra hours with my boys in the evenings.  I have found myself not knowing what to do with my extra time.  Good problem to have.  
Dane and I went to the park this afternoon before dinner to enjoy the nice weather.  The weather has been great lately.  I'm loving the cool fronts we have gotten.  That 90 degree weather will be here before we know it, so I'm all about the cool weather.  
And that's about it.  Exciting stuff. 
Some cell phone pics for your Wednesday.
our hibiscus in our yard are really blooming! They are so pretty!
the best flower picker there is... sweet boy

before his game Monday all comfy practicing sight words on Kevin's ipad.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's a baseball life

What's going on in our lives?? Baseball, Baseball and more Baseball.  We have been living at the baseball park.  There's been 4 games in the last 9 days including one tonight.  Busy Baseball Bees we've been.  It's been a lot of fun though.  I've always liked baseball, so I'm enjoying being out at the field.  I can't believe that we have already played 6 games.  This season is flying by.  

Saturday we had couple extra Padre fans in the stands cheering on #1.  

 Dane had another good game.  He got to play pitcher again, and a couple other positions that I can't remember.  Ha It's a blur.   And, I know he batted good but I can't remember the outcomes of any of his turns.  It's late, and my brain is fried.  More pictures, because why not? 

 Guess what?  Tonight I didn't take a single picture at his game.  His game was at 7:15, which is late for his age group so it was a bit of a doozie.  He goes to bed around 8:15/30 usually, so my poor boy was tired tonight and slow moving.  The whole team was off in their own little world tonight.  Luckily, we only have one late game this season, so that's behind us.  

Well, I'm pooped.  Off to bed I go!