Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cell Phone Dump & some funnies

It's Sunday afternoon again.  We are all relaxing and taking it easy.  I'm catching up on some reality tv, while Dane watches a movie upstairs and is playing with his legos, and Kevin is playing on his Ipad while watching baseball.  Straight Chill'n at our house.  
We had another low key weekend.  Dane had baseball game #5 Saturday, and he has another game tomorrow.  Baseball has been busy the last week or so, but we are loving it.  

My pics from my cell phone hasn't been downloaded in a while, so going to do a cell phone dump.  They are all out of order on here.
Dane and I doing the kissy face aka the duck face
little pouting going on for reasons I can't remember
hip hop action in JC Pennys.  He wanted me to buy that hat so bad.  Didn't happen.
my hair salon takes security very seriously... this was parked out front.  SO CRAZY!!!!!
Mint Oreo blizzard... best thing ever!
How cute is this??? 
It was super duper quiet... found the little dude passed out in his bean bag
My friend Tamara and I at the Cy-Fair wine festival.  
Kevin & Tamara
Lunch on Wednesday with Mrs Christy and Sophie.  Dane was trying to impress Sophie with his amazing french fry technique.  Ha
They sat at another table like they were on a date.  Just a talking to each other.  It was hilarious and so cute
Lunch Saturday before Dane's game with Granny and my niece Lauren
Christmas and Halloween all in April
The dude refuses to take a nap at his school, but 90% of the time he is like this on the way home from school
 and again...

my game shirt.  I'm a typical baseball mom now!

Fun at the Aggie game... obviously

Friday night we had dinner at Willie's.  Kevin got his crawfish fix, and Dane got his sand fix.  
He was found like this.  When asked what he was doing he said "oh, I'm just thinking about stuff"
At the splash day Dane was enjoyed bouncing in the moon walk.  Then he went over to the side sat down and said to the other kids "hey guys, I need y'all to keep jumping.  I'm going to sit here and watch you".  Hilarious.  

And some funnies...

One of the things he says a lot when referring to the past
"A really really long time ago when I was only 4"
like it was decades ago, not 3 months ago! Ha
"Did you know that big kids do dishes to get more money?"
I think it might be time for chores and an allowance??
The other night he was laying in my bed and we were watching cartoons.  
D: "Is it bed time yet?"
me: "Actually, it is"
D: "FINALLY!!!!!!" then jumped off the bed and went running upstairs.  If I'd known he was ready I would have put him to bed a few hours earlier! HA
At the Aggie game when the first player was up to bat
Dane said "Hey where's the tee?? These guys don't need a tee?" 
One day in the car Dane was being extremely chatty.  I'm talking 100,567 questions in a 5 minute period.  
Me: "Why do you ask so many questions?"
D: "I don't know.  That's just how God made me.  You and daddy talk a lot too"
Ouch.  :)
D: "You and daddy are FREAKING ME out"
me: "WHY??"
D: "Because you both say the same thing when I ask are we there yet"
me: "probably because you ask about 100 times"
D: "yeah, probably"

"Scratch my feet.  I'm allergic to you tickling them"

Dane was sitting at the table coloring
me: "Is that a house you are drawing?"
D: "You won't know unless you know"
he drew a picture and said
"look, daddy is an old man"
I lost it.  
Saturday when we were at lunch my mom ordered a taco salad.  It came out and it was placed in front of my mom, and without hesitating he said
For the record it was HUGE!!! But, we cracked up.  His expression was priceless, and he exclaimed it so loudly.. He was shocked.  Funniest thing ever!

Happy Sunday y'all!

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