Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finally the Easter post...

Easter didn't go as planned this year.  It started off great, but went downhill pretty quickly.  We woke up to Dane running into our bedroom yelling "Wake Up, It's Easter".  
He told us that the Easter Bunny had left a basket with a couple eggs in it and a note outside his door.  
For some reason Dane didn't bring the basket downstairs, so we walked upstairs to check it out.  We read the note to him, which basically told him to remember that Jesus was the main reason for Easter, hope he enjoyed the day, and that he had left some eggs hidden in the house.  
Before we started the hunt Dane informs us that he had thrown up in his room during the night.  Lovely.  So, first thing Easter morning I'm cleaning up throw up. Not what I had in mind to start off Easter.  But, Dane seemed perfectly fine.  He said he didn't feel bad, so we chalked it up to the fact that he had eaten so much junk the last couple of days, and maybe it didn't settle well.  
So, the hunt began.  Dane ran around and gathered all the eggs he could find, and in the process found his basket the Easter Bunny had left with lots of goodies.  The Easter Bunny left him some fun stuff, mostly things for the pool.  He got a new bathing suit and flip flops, some spider man dive toys (he loves to retrieve rings from the bottom of the pool), 2 pool noodle soaker water gun thingies.  He also got an Indiana Jones whip and lego man.  He loves Indiana Jones now, and is obsessed with lego men, so the Easter Bunny found the Indiana Jones lego man and whip on e-bay for nearly nothing.  Like $5 for both.  Score. So, Dane was beyond excited when he opened up the egg that was in his basket and saw that it was Indian Jones.  Highlight of the day.  He was shocked that the Easter Bunny knew he likes Indiana Jones.  He didn't get much candy this year, it was very limited.  But, he did get a chocolate bunny which is a must right.  This chocolate bunny was made just for him though (that's what he thought), because it was a baseball player bunny! Dane was also very surprised to see that the Easter Bunny put lego pieces and Batman puzzle pieces in the Easter Eggs instead of candy.  And, it was a big hit! 
All was good in the hood.  Dane enjoyed his Easter goodies, we ate breakfast and then headed to church.  I got like 2 pictures of him in his outfit before church and was planning on taking more of him, and us and family pictures after church. We were going to go out to eat after church and I planned on getting more pictures of all of us in our Sunday best.   But... that didn't happen.  We enjoyed a great church service, and then went to go Dane from his class and it pretty much went south from there.  Dane immediately tells us that he doesn't feel good, that his stomach is hurting.  We are trying to fight the crowds, and had no idea the severity of Dane's stomach issues.  I'll spare you the details, but it turned ugly.  At church.  Big mess.  So, we go out a back door, and try to hurry home.  We only live probably 6 or 7 miles from our church and we had to stop on the way home for Dane to get sick.  Then not even a mile from our house I turn around to see that Dane is green.  I've never seen someone look so green before. And I tell Kevin to hurry. And then he gets sick again.  In our car. In his seat.  In his new Easter clothes.  
Not the Easter we had envisioned.  Kevin went and picked us up some food, and Dane vegged in the bed for a few hours.  By that afternoon he was feeling better.  But, we just took it easy the whole day.  I was hoping that he had eaten something bad... but we all know now that was not the case since I got sick the next day and then Kevin followed suit.  And that was our Easter Sunday.

And that's real life.  

 Somewhere in there he lost his pants.... no idea why and didn't notice it until just a second ago when uploading these pictures! lol!!!

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