Thursday, April 18, 2013

Game Ball!

Dane had his 4th game last night, and it was his best one yet!! I left work a little early with hope to beat a little of the traffic so I could get to his game on time.  It was a stressful drive for me, because traffic was terrible and it was drizzling which means Houston drivers forget how to drive.  I might have had a tiny bit of just the smallest amount of road rage.  It's not that hard people, just drive! I'm always rushing out the door to get to work, so yesterday was no different.  I ended up leaving and forgetting to bring my camera with me.  Traffic was so bad that I didn't have time to run home to change or anything, and had to go straight to the field.  While I was driving in I had a strong feeling that since I didn't have my camera that Dane would end up having a great game and get the game ball.  It was a weird feeling, but I couldn't stop thinking about it while I was inching along.  I made it right after they took the field, and only missed the first 5 minutes of him playing first base.  When I got there I mentioned to Kevin about my feeling I had on the way to the game, and he told me that Dane actually said on their way that he really hoped he got the game ball this time.  Weird!
It was drizzling the entire game, so you can imagine how cute we looked by the end of it.  Dane only got to bat twice this game because of the batting order, and the fact that the Cubs got us out the first 3 batters the first inning. Dane's 1st batting turn he got another run!  The 2nd time he batted he pretty much got tackled at first base from a player trying to get him out, and had his first baseball "injury".  Just a little scuffed up elbow, no big deal.  
He played 1st base and pitcher this go round.  Nothing too crazy happened while playing first base.  Pitcher is by far his favorite position.  Even though the pitcher doesn't pitch in tee-ball, the ball is hit in that direction a lot.  So, Dane got lots of action.  He did so good!!  He was paying attention and ready every single time the ball went in his direction. He was able to stop the ball several times and throw it to home plate to try and get people out.  He was really listening to his coach, and did everything asked of him.   I was proud of him that he wasn't being silly, and was trying really hard out there.  I was so disappointed that I didn't have my camera this time.  He had a lot of fun this game, and you can see him improving little bit by bit each week.  
After the game when snacks are being passed out the coach announced Dane was getting the game ball!!! I was so excited for him, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy Dane was.  It made his week.  He told the coach "I've never got the game ball before!!!" He was so excited, and I was proud of him that he tried really hard this game and did his best.  Once again... disappointed that I didn't have my camera.  Cell pic will have to do!! 
His ball is now on his shelf in his room with the Aggie ball he "caught" last year.  
Go Padres!

And you know it was a good game when your pants look like this... 
His cleats were completely covered and had to be sprayed down by the water hose when we got home.  

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