Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Go Padres!

When we were at the Aggie game and the first guy got up to bat Dane was watching and he turned to us and said "Where's the Tee?? These guys don't need a tee??"  We thought that was so funny.
Speaking of tee-ball, Dane is loving it.  He loves everything about it.  He loves wearing the uniform, and loves the fact that he gets to wear a belt.  He's obsessed really about the belt. It's hilarious.  He wants to wear it all the time, with other types of pants, and never wants to take the baseball pants off when he is wearing them. I don't know what it is about the belt?? Maybe he always sees Kevin wearing belts with his pants and wants to be like him.  He likes to ask questions about real baseball players and if they wear pants like his, and do they get to wear a belt like this, and is my glove like a real baseball player's glove?  It's really cute.  Not only is he loving the uniform, but he is really enjoying playing tee-ball.  He has even mentioned on several occasions that he doesn't want to play soccer anymore, just baseball.  He loves getting his turn to bat, and the opportunities to get the ball and throw it where ever.   He just seems to be enjoying everything about it.  That's not to say that he doesn't have his moments of being silly on the field, or that he is paying attention the entire time because let's face it he is Dane... nothing I think will ever change his personality.  But, he is having a lot of fun playing on his baseball team.  He loves the practices and both games went really well.  

So, Saturday was his 2nd game.  We played a team that seemed to be more on our level unlike the first week.  It was an exciting game, and Dane did so good. The team alternates batting order and positions each week, so the kids get experience on all of it.   Dane played right field, 2nd baseman, and catcher this go round.  He had some exciting moments this game, which meant we were those crazy parents cheering as loud as they could in the stands.  At one point a batter from the other team hit the ball HARD, and it went straight to Dane! And He did SOOO good stopping the ball and throwing it as hard as he could to first base.  First baseman didn't catch it (none of them catch well), but It was such a great play! We were screaming and cheering so loud, and Dane immediately looked in our direction for approval after he threw the ball.  Of course, he saw us showing him the thumbs up sign and us screaming that he did a good job.  We were shocked that the play went so good.  Because normally all the kids have trouble getting the ball to start off with and usually takes little time before the ball actually gets to the base.  Haha  But, Dane got lucky, and had a great moment.  Watching 5/6 year olds play baseball is hilarious to watch, so most of the time the parents are cracking up in the stands.  

Dane was seriously the cutest catcher in the history of catchers.  Y'all he is sooooo funny and his personality was out in full force when he was behind the batters.  Basically, he was told to get ready because each time a batter hit there was a kid on 3rd who was going to try and run home and get a point.  The goal was that whoever the ball went too they would throw it to the catcher so we could get these kids out and they wouldn't score.  So, Dane was ready! He kept squatting down like real catchers do.  Then he would talk to the other team's coach like just normal conversation.  Asking him what to do asking him how he was, if he liked legos.. you name it he was talking about it.  Hilarious. He even yelled to us that he was really hungry and needed a snack. The whole stands cracked up.   Then EVERY SINGLE TIME the kid would bat Dane would stand up on home plate.  The ball NEVER got thrown to Dane, (the ball got thrown every direction but home plate) so every kid on 3rd would get to run in and Dane was there blocking home plate and would pat them on their back.  We couldn't hear what he was saying to the players but it looked like he was saying good job as they would run in.  It seriously was the funniest thing I'd ever seen.  He stood there on home plate patting the other team on their backs, and then would get back in position for the next batter.  It was a funny moment for sure.  
this picture looks like he is throwing out a play.  He looks like a real catcher here!! HAHA

didn't get a good shot of him patting the kids on the backs.  boo!
Dane got to bat 3 times, and he got 3 hits and was able to get to first base each time without getting out.  He did really good batting, and would run hard to the base.  Unfortunately, the batting order this time he always seemed to be up to bat when we already had 2 outs, so the first 2 times he batted he didn't get to go past 2nd base before we got our 3 outs.  He was a little disappointed because he wanted to go all the way around, but welcome to baseball.  You don't always get to run to home plate. 

 The last time he batted it was crazy exciting!! He got to first base, then second, then third.... I was so happy that he was going to get to go all around the bases.  Then our player batted and it was time for Dane to run to home plate.  And somehow the pitcher got the ball and instead of throwing to first base to get that kid out he was instructed to get to home plate and get Dane out!! It was crazy!!!! Dane and the pitcher were both running as fast as they could to home plate.  Everyone was screaming to run run run!!! It was insane.  And I managed to get a couple pictures of this! I couldn't believe it.  The pitcher got to the base maybe 100th of a second before Dane did.  It was SOOOO close, so Dane was out. I was so sad for him at first.  You know your a mom and don't want your kids to be sad or disappointed. But, honestly he had no idea and was so excited that he got to home plate.  Everyone was cheering on both sides, so I don't think he really understood what was happening!! He was running.  The other kid was running.  He touched base.  The other kid touched base. And everyone was cheering and smiling.  All was good in the hood for him.  Of course, we gave lots of high fives and told him how awesome it was that he went around all the bases, so no need to bust his bubble.  It's tee-ball for goodness sake, no need to hurt his confidence.   

hanging out on 2nd

getting a little pep talk on 3rd

and the race is on...
excuse the thing in the middle.. the chain link fence got me in several pics! It's hard taking pics through it!

It was a fun game!! I'm loving that he is loving baseball.  With soccer we always felt exhausted after leaving the games.  Even though Dane was having fun at the games, we always had to coax him to pay attention and play and quit being silly.  But, we haven't had to do that with tee-ball.  Granted we are only 2 games in, but I think he is just enjoying this more which makes the games easier.  
Go Padres!

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