Monday, April 22, 2013

It's a baseball life

What's going on in our lives?? Baseball, Baseball and more Baseball.  We have been living at the baseball park.  There's been 4 games in the last 9 days including one tonight.  Busy Baseball Bees we've been.  It's been a lot of fun though.  I've always liked baseball, so I'm enjoying being out at the field.  I can't believe that we have already played 6 games.  This season is flying by.  

Saturday we had couple extra Padre fans in the stands cheering on #1.  

 Dane had another good game.  He got to play pitcher again, and a couple other positions that I can't remember.  Ha It's a blur.   And, I know he batted good but I can't remember the outcomes of any of his turns.  It's late, and my brain is fried.  More pictures, because why not? 

 Guess what?  Tonight I didn't take a single picture at his game.  His game was at 7:15, which is late for his age group so it was a bit of a doozie.  He goes to bed around 8:15/30 usually, so my poor boy was tired tonight and slow moving.  The whole team was off in their own little world tonight.  Luckily, we only have one late game this season, so that's behind us.  

Well, I'm pooped.  Off to bed I go!

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