Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lucky 7

Saturday morning we had Game #7.  We now only have 3 games left, which makes me so sad.  Dane is really loving baseball, so I'm going to hate when the season is over.  It's gone by so fast, and Dane has really improved over the last 7 games. I'd hate to make him wait another year before playing again.  He loves playing so much, and pretty much asks everyday if he has a baseball game that day. I'm hoping to find a league that does summer or fall ball.  We'll see.  
He did really well this game.  He seemed to be so focused the entire game, listened to everything he was suppose to do and really tried hard and played well the entire game.  
He played 2nd Base twice and right field this go round.  He got to bat 3 times, and made 2 runs! The first time he batted he got to 1st base, and then the next batter batted straight to 2nd base, and he was able to tag Dane out when he was heading to the base.  He was not happy.  The coach told him to head back to the dug out and he told him that that kid didn't have the ball when he touched him.  It was like he was a grown player already fighting the call.  Hilarious!!  But, he was really excited that he got 2 runs.  We were proud of how hard he tried.  His batting is getting better and better.  Kevin has been working with him in the back yard with his technique and his placement etc.  I don't know much about how to hit a ball off a tee (or hit a ball period), but Kevin thinks that he is applying the things that he has been working on during the game and is improving each week.  Also, the whole team is starting to learn and understand the fundamentals of the game.  It's like little light bulbs are twinkling on while they are playing the game.  Now catching the ball is a whole other story! Ha 
This whole baseball thing is going so much better than soccer went.  We aren't having to nag every second of the game.  Now that doesn't mean when he is in the dug out waiting his turn he is being perfect, or when he is in the outfield he doesn't get a little silly... attention span is still very small.  But, it's just way different, and I'm loving it.   

Here's a short video of him batting from Saturday's game.  We were only able to get his first 2 times up to bat, then my camera decided that it's memory was full.  :(  Sucks, because his last time to bat was probably one of his best at bats of that day.  He hit a nice ground ball all the way to the shortstop.  His coach has been trying to get them to run all the way through the base instead of slowing down as they get close to the base.  The first time he batted he was so focused on running through that he didn't touch the base, and the other coach had to push him to the base before getting out.  So funny.  He's right where you would expect a 1st time tee-ball player to be.  He's still learning the fundamentals, improving each week, has a lot to learn, but is having a lot of fun while doing it.  

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