Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend- Fun in the sun!

First I would just like to say thank you to all the men and women who have served our country to give us the freedoms that we have.  We wouldn't have this holiday if it wasn't for you!  Big huge thank you to all of our troops!

We have had a great memorial day weekend.  It has been a fun 4 days filled with sunscreen and water.  Being off work for 4 days is going to make it hard to go back tomorrow.  
Friday after Dane's kinder round up, we had a lunch date at Chick fil-a, and he got to play for a little while.  Later that afternoon I turned on the sprinklers so Dane could have some fun in the water till Kevin got home from work.  Cheap entertainment! Dane ran around and played for couple hours never growing tired.  I was able to sit in the shade, relax and listen to music while watching him have fun in the water.  Welcome Summer!  It's already so hot.  I'm missing those cold fronts we were getting at the beginning of the month.    

Anyone need a plumber??  
We have one that lives with us. 

Saturday was opening day for our neighborhood pool.  Dane has been asking to go swimming at our pool since about February.  We packed a cooler with sandwiches, snacks and drinks and spent the day there.  It was kind of overcast, so we didn't have to worry too much about getting burned.  Dane had a blast, became friends with a couple little boys and they played so hard.  Since it wasn't very sunny the water was freezing, so I didn't spend too much time in it.  But, it was relaxing to just lay out by the pool and watch Dane swim all over the place.  I got a new app for cell phone pics, which I'm officially addicted to.  
There will be lots of days at our pool this summer.  It's the only way to survive the 90+ degree weather that is already here! 

Sunday morning we packed up our entire pantry and house, and headed to Galveston for a day at the beach.  We had a car full of beach toys, a cooler filled of drinks and food, bag of sunscreen, towels, books etc.  We passed the beach wall and Stewart beach which was crazy insanely packed and went to our secret spot again.  Free parking, and a normal amount of people on the beach made for a perfect day.  We spent about 4 hours at the beach, and had a great time having water fights, playing in the waves, building sand castles etc.  It was really hot, like crazy crazy hot.  So, we were psychotic with the sun screen.  We enjoyed the day, and then went to the Strand for some ice cream before heading home.  Such a fun day! We weren't even 2 minutes from the strand when Dane passed smooth out.  We wore him out!

We got back home to find our neighbors having street wide memorial day party.  One house had great music blaring on speakers (they always go all out for holidays), and another neighbor had tables set up with crawfish and a slip and slide, and then another house with the inflatable water slide.  They invited us over shortly after we got home.  So, we spent the next couple hours hanging out with everyone on our street.  Dane had so much fun playing with all the kids on the slide, and with all he water soakers.  It was a great ending to an already fabulous day.  We were pooped by the end of it.  Like seriously pooped.  

We all slept till 8:30 this morning.  WOOHOO! That's a record time for us.  Just shows how tired and worn out the little dude was from all the fun we had.  We have been taking it easy today, just relaxing and enjoying our last day off.  
Happy Memorial Day friends!