Saturday, May 18, 2013

Class of 2013!!!

Thursday evening was Dane's pre-school graduation.  It was a little bittersweet.  We are so excited that he will be going to a new school in August, making new friends, starting kindergarten etc.  But, on the other hand I'm a little sad that he is leaving pre-school and is getting so big.  I'm feeling a bit anxious with starting over at a new school.  Praying he gets a loving kindergarten teacher who will build him up, and appreciate his personality while helping him to grow as a student.  I have no fears about the actual transition, or Dane making friends.  I know Dane will do fine in those areas.  It's the unknown that is always the most scary.  Dane couldn't be more pumped about all of it.  He is super excited, and ready for it to begin!
Before getting to the school we had a "special" dinner at IHOP.  That's an oxymoron if I've heard one.  But, when you ask Dane what he wants for a "special" dinner it's always the pancake place where he can get breakfast for dinner.  We will have to train him when he starts dating that IHOP might not fly with the ladies for a "special dinner".  :)
The ceremony was really cute.  The kids wore their Sunday best, and then were given their caps and gowns to wear during the ceremony.  There were 33 kids between 3 classes that graduated, and are being sent off too kindergarten! We got a preview of what graduations will be like with a last name "Wittschen".  Dane was the very last kid to receive his diploma.  Kevin just laughed while nodding when we saw his name was the last one on the program, and told me "Get used to it".  HaHa  During the diploma ceremony it was a bit chaotic.  The kids were hilarious while waiting for their turn to walk across and get their diploma.  All waving and shouting to their parents, standing up, pointing etc.  The teachers had a time trying to keep them quiet, so everyone could hear the names being called.  After getting their diplomas we watched a slide show of pictures and movies of all the kids.  Cue the tears.  And then the kids sang a "going to kindergarten" song that was really cute.  After the ceremony their was a reception in the cafe with desserts and a candy bar.  We had a fun evening celebrating the little man graduating pre-school.  He thinks he is so big!!  
  Tear Tear.  Little man isn't so little anymore.  
Congratulations to the class of 2013!! 
Looking mighty handsome as he said himself
He really wanted to wear his boots! 

This was given with the programs!! Very cute idea.

Looking for us when they first sat down!
oh, there we are!

my handsome little graduate

wooh! We passed!! :)

Dane and his teacher, Mrs Marti

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