Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cutest Cousins Ever!

This past weekend Dane and I made a quick trip to Orange to visit family.  Kevin had to work prom Saturday night, so he stayed behind.  He got to witness a marriage proposal between two high school students.  Yes, you read that right.  Crazy.  Dane and I left early Saturday morning and made the rounds visiting family.  Dane got to play at the park twice, we enjoyed our first snow cone of the season, did some swimming, had some yummy food and just hung out.  
Saturday evening I met up with my cousin, Lindsay and my Aunt Darla to take some pictures of the babies.  Photographing 2 under the age of 2 is quite the adventure.  Sweet Hadley is on the move, a busy busy little bee so getting her to "pose" with her baby sister is near impossible.... until you break out some candy! HAHA
Here are some of my favorites!

Hadley is all about the animals.  We had a hard time getting her to leave the puppy alone.  That puppy got lots of kisses!   She kept saying "Hi puppy, Hi puppy" in the sweetest little voice.  So cute! Sweetest picture ever, and we didn't have to tell her to give the puppy kisses! 

Sweet Baylor... already crawling!! 

looking at the horsies

HAHA this pic cracks me up! Hadley wasn't happy.  I got lots of pics with one or both crying.  It's real life folks!

Baylor ticked she wasn't getting any candy
sweet sister sharing
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  sweetest pic ever! 

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