Sunday, May 12, 2013

Goodbye to the Padres!

Friday we had severe thunderstorms all day which caused flooding around the city.  So, that afternoon we got an email from our baseball league informing us that Dane's Saturday morning game was canceled.  Huge Bummer.  Saturday was suppose to be his last game.  We were told that his game more than likely will not be made up because of his age group not being a competitive level and needing the games for playoffs.  So, that was disappointing, but it is what it is.  Dane had a great season, he improved so much over the 9 games and really enjoyed it.  Fairfield Sports doesn't have baseball in the fall, only in the spring.  They offer soccer for the fall season.  We asked Dane if he wanted to play soccer again and he was pretty clear that he didn't want to, that he just wanted to play baseball again.  So, he will have to play with another league in the fall just so he doesn't have to wait another year before getting to play again.

His team party to celebrate a great season was Saturday at a hamburger joint called The Shack.  It's name was very fitting.  It was indeed a shack, but it was really a neat place.  Real rugged with antiques everywhere, kind of like a junk yard with an area for the kids to play and huge hamburgers and trays of every type of flavored french fries.  Dane had so much fun at the party running and playing with his teammates.  After everyone ate the coach did a presentation that was really cute.  He described each player and mentioned their strengths and then presented them with their trophy.  All the boys were so thrilled to get their trophy, but Dane was SOOOOOOO excited and animated.  He kept loudly exclaiming "I'm going to put this trophy next to my soccer trophy" and "Now I have 2 trophies", and my all time favorite "LOOK, this trophy has GOLD on it"!!!! He was so animated it was hilarious, but super duper cute that he was so excited.  He would clap and cheer when his teammates got their trophies, he was so proud.  The party was a great way to end the season.  Go Padres!!

This pic is bad quality and blurry but thought it was a cute one of Dane and Casey.  

listening to the coach talk about their baseball season, waiting patiently to get their trophy
Dane and Coach Chris
"Do you see it?? Do you?? It has GOLD on it".  His eyes say it all.
Padres with their trophies!!
I'm sad that his first season is over.  But, I'm thinking there will be more baseball in our future!

And here's his team picture and individual picture.  I thought they turned out real cute. These are scanned from the original pictures, so the quality isn't great. (Grandma and Grandpa-yours will be in the mail soon!)

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