Thursday, May 9, 2013

Making friends one hit at a time

Baseball is drawing near the end.  We only have one more game left, this Saturday if weather permits.  It's suppose to rain the entire weekend, so I'm hoping that it holds off for our 8:00 game on Saturday.  After the game we are having a team party at a hamburger joint to celebrate a great season played by our boys.  I can't get over how fast the season went.  
We had game #9 Wednesday evening.   Weekday games are a little harder, and require a little more energy since we have work and school.  Luckily, this time I got off at 3:00, so I had no problem getting to the game.  We had enough time to get dinner prepped and eaten before getting ready for the 6:00 game.  

It's been fun getting to know all the parents of the team members.  Dane has gotten along great with all the players and has made a best friend on his team.  He talks about his friend Kasey all the time, asks if he can come play at his house, they are constantly talking/playing with each other in the dug out etc.  When Kasey got the game ball Dane clapped loud for him, and was so happy for his friend and is always cheering for him when he is up to bat.  It's so cute. I get along really well with Kasey's mom, so we have exchanged numbers and plan on hanging out and letting the boys play after the season is over.  Really happy that we have connected to boys and parents our age.  
no idea what they are doing with their hands... 2 peas in a pod.  And Kasey isn't that much taller than Dane, I think he standing on a tree stump.
From the minute Dane was picked up from school he was a talking machine.  He was a bit hyper, and literally never stopped talking.  Chatty Cathy is what I like to call him.  I think he was tired and just trying to stay awake.  Pretty sure he talked the team mom's ear off in the dugout.  Never. took. a. breath.  Constant. Chatter.  
And big sigh.

But, he played well for the most part despite the fact that his mouth was never closed.  He batted great all 3 times, ran hard and got 3 runs!!   He was in the outfield and played 1st and 2nd base.  When he was on the field he was a tad distracted.  Meaning he was talking to himself, pretending, making hand puppets, kicking dirt etc.  Evening games are hard to stay focused after a long day.  And since someone doesn't take naps anymore that someone is usually pretty tired and hyper in the evenings.  But, despite all that he did great when it was his turn to bat. I'm sure everyone is over seeing baseball pictures!!! Sorry!!

great form!! Keep your eyes on the ball!


Getting all around the bases, and not getting out.. highlight of the games!


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