Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Love & Mother's Day

I'm sitting here watching Charlie Brown's Christmas with the little dude.  And before this movie we watched Madagascar's Christmas.  Someone is in the Christmas spirit in May, and it isn't me.  He told me yesterday that he really missed Dopey the Elf.  Maybe it's the summer blues.  

We had a really great weekend.  I'm still trying to recover from it all, and really could spend a day in hibernation even though that's pretty much what I did Sunday.  Friday Dane's school had muffins with mom to celebrate Mother's Day.  We were really short handed at work, so unfortunately I wasn't able to go. It seriously hurt my heart when Dane asked the night before if I was going to have breakfast with him at his school.  I hated to tell him no, but there was no way I could miss work.  So, I came up with an idea that we would do our own breakfast when I got off work.  Such an easy deal since Dane LOVES everything about breakfast food, and having it for dinner is just the best thing ever for him.  He was so excited to hear that we would be having pancakes, biscuits, sausage and cinnamon rolls for dinner that evening.  Setting a breakfast date with the little dude totally gave me the pass on missing his school breakfast.  When Kevin dropped him off at school that morning he ended up sitting with him while he ate breakfast, so he wouldn't be the only kid without a parent.  He said there were a few other kids who were by themselves, but it made me feel better that he had someone with him.  The first thing Dane asked when he got picked up that day was if we were still eating breakfast for dinner!! Dinner was a success that night.  

Saturday my mom and niece came into town to watch Dane so Kevin and I could go to my friend's wedding that evening. They came with us to Dane's baseball party Saturday afternoon, and then we sent the boys home and we went to Gringo's for some girls only mother's day lunch. It's a given when she is in town! 
That place was packed!! Guess everyone and their mommas were there.  
HaHa couldn't resist that joke! 
This cell phone picture is terrible, but it's the only one I got.  There was a crazy glare in the restaurant.  We had fun eating mexican food and people watching!

We had a great time at Katie's wedding.  She had a shabby chic country type wedding, and it was super duper nice!! Wedding was very pretty, she looked gorgeous, and the reception was a blast.  Kevin and I had a great time, it was a perfect "date night" for us.  We got to do a little dancing  which we really haven't done since B.D. (before Dane).  We used to go country dancing back in the day, and I had forgotten how much fun we had doing that.  We had a blast, probably looked like a hot mess but we didn't care.  We had fun, and really enjoyed the evening.  There was a photo booth which we took full advantage of.  You know me and photo booths... love them. The band was great, the BBQ was so yummy, everything was so fabulous!  It was such a fun wedding! These pics are cell pics and don't do any of it justice. The lit up LOVE letters just took the cake. Coolest thing ever!
Congrats to Katie and Jack! May you have many many years of happiness with each other! 


What can I say? Photo Booths bring out the silliness in people.  

Mother's Day was very low key and relaxing.  We were pooped from the wedding.  My mom and niece left early Sunday morning, and then I vegged out the rest of the day.  My boys had a basket of fun stuff for me when I woke up.  I had to crack up because it was in Dane's Easter basket.  :)  Gotta love boys, right?  Ha And then I cracked up again when I told Dane thank you he quickly told me that he didn't pick this stuff out or buy any of it, that his dad did. Gotta love his honesty.  Hilarious.  
Kevin took Dane out of the house for a couple hours so I had a chance to just relax be lazy and watch some tv.  And Kevin made sure that I was fed without having to put in any effort, and asked if I needed anything several times through out the day.  He's sweet like that.  It was just what I needed!! They showed me they loved me and appreciated me then left me alone so I could watch reality tv without being interrupted! Ha Loved every minute of it.  

At Dane's school they made a poster that on one side had a flower pot and flowers made with their hand prints, and then on the other side a picture they had drawn of them with their mothers and then a few questions they were asked.  Evidently I am really good at printing papers.  Hilarious.  I can't even tell you the last time I have used our printer.  Dane is a riot.  I asked him about it and he just shrugged his shoulders like he had no idea why he said that.  Funny character.  It made me smile to see him mention the fire house.  He talks about the fire museum all the time, and is always asking for me to take him there again.  Guess he really likes that place.  

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