Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's been a while...

It's been a bit quite on this little blog hasn't it?  It's been almost 2 weeks since I've gotten on here.
I've just been exhausted lately, getting home from work just pooped with no energy.  The week of my birthday I was the late shift at work, so that speaks for itself.  I can't even tell you what I did 2 weeks ago, it's all a blur.  Pretty sure I came straight home from work, ate dinner and crashed.  Sigh.

I haven't used my real camera in forever.  I know it's a shame.  Nothing too crazy has happened, so it's ok that it takes a little hiatus.
But here is a little re-cap of the last 2 weeks via my cell phone.

One day the week before last my boys met me for lunch at Wing Stop.  Kevin must have given Dane speed or something before they got there, because Dane was insanely crazy and hyper. He couldn't sit still, was up and down from his chair, talking non stop etc etc. I went back to work feeling so frazzled and stressed out and second guessing my decision to meet them for lunch.  Ha.  Man oh man, it was not a peaceful lunch.  This picture needs no words.

Friday of that week we packed Dane up to be shipped to New York to hang out with his grandparents. No matter how hard I try I still over pack.  I managed to get it all in a carry on, but still needed some extra weight on top if it to get it zipped.  And, I needed help from Kevin as well.  I'm sure Grandma had a mini heart attack when she opened up the suitcase, and saw it so jammed packed with clothes.  It's all about the options, right?  I'm going to blame it on the fact that where they live it still gets cool in the mornings and evenings, which require packing pants, long sleeve shirts and light weight jackets on top of summer clothes.  :)
And yes, he loves to still sport Christmas pjs in the summer.

After he was all packed up he surprised us by coming downstairs like this.  Never a dull moment.  

Then the construction goggles came out.

Saturday morning we left early early to head to the airport.  We dropped Dane off at the curb, and said our goodbyes and told him where to go to get on the plane.

I'm totally just kidding.  HAHA
Although, I did get asked by a few people after posting a picture to Instagram if he was flying by himself.   Um... BIG FAT NEGATIVE!! :)  He is not big enough for all that yet.
Kevin flew with him to New York, and was suppose to stay a day then fly back.  However, Kevin's flight on the way back got canceled, so he had to wait till the next day to fly home.  Dane got to spend the week with just his grandparents after Kevin left.  He was really excited that he was big enough to do that!! Then Grandpa flew back with Dane, and then he will go back to New York Tuesday morning.

After the boys left Saturday morning for their travel adventure I spent the morning piddling.  I was a little excited to have Saturday to myself.  I'm going to look like a big dork here when I say this, but I was looking forward to starting to shop for Dane's school supply list.  See, I told ya.  Big dork.
But, I just wanted to get it taken care of so I can mark it off my to-do list.  And, I'm trying to spread out the expenses of starting school throughout the summer, because I know that Dane is going to need a whole new wardrobe because he has pretty much grown out of everything.  He needs everything... fall stuff, jackets, pants, shoes, shirts, even down to underwear and socks.  So, I know it's going to get a little expensive come the end of summer.  Unfortunately, I'm a little ahead of the school supply inventory ( I was actually told this by an Wal-Mart employee), so I wasn't able to find everything but I got a really good start!!
After hitting up several stores I grabbed some breakfast before heading to get a manicure and pedicure.  It had been a loooooooong time since I had enjoyed one of those.  So, I definitely deserved it. Haha

Meanwhile Kevin sent me a few pictures to keep me updated with their travel adventures.  Dane has always been a good traveler.  He has flown quite a bit, so he does pretty well, except for the non stop talking.  But, that's an everyday thing, so no biggie.  They made it to Detroit with no problems, had enough time to grab some lunch and make it to their next gate, before taking off for New York.  Easy peasy flights which I was thankful for.  Our last flight had us mad dashing through the terminals to make it to our next flight on time, so I was glad that Kevin and Dane had it easier this time.

  After I hung out in Cypress for a little while I packed up and headed to Orange for the night.  A bunch of my family got together to take my Pappy out for a Father's Day dinner at Pappadeaux's.  There was about 10 of us, so it made for a crazy loud dinner.  But, it was good to see some of my family.  I was missing my cousins Lindsay and Haley, and of course the babies :(  I'll catch you girls next time!
Being at dinner with everyone made me miss my Nannaw so much.  Different things happened while at dinner that would make us talk about what my Nannaw would have said in that situation.  We all agreed that she wouldn't have been in the middle of the chaotic dinner, she would have told us to go have a great time and bring her back a yummy dessert.  Time keeps moving on, but we all still miss her so much.  It's just not the same, never will be.
I hung out in Orange Saturday evening and Sunday (Father's Day) til the early afternoon before heading back to Cypress.

I was a little sad I wasn't with Kevin on Father's day, but I was happy that he got to be with his dad and with Dane for the holiday.  We gave him his presents the day before he left to head to New York, and took him out to eat.  Is it sad I can not remember where we went and ate that Friday night??? Yes, sad.  It's bc I'm 33.  Memory is the first to go.  He got some fun stuff for the summer.  A new bathing suit and sunglasses.   Both things he hasn't bought for himself in years!  And I didn't take a picture of him and Dane.  Just chalk it up to a long week, and obviously I was tired! Ha
Here's a picture of my two boys from a while back...  But, Jackie got some pictures from the actual Father's Day that I will post!

You know it's a good father's day when you get recliner hair...

I'm cracking up.  I'm not sure where my mom and I went that Sunday (see, the memory is terrible), but we pulled into her garage and David walked out, and we both cracked up.  My mom told me to get a picture of the back of his hair.  He had no idea! We are calling it recliner hair.  Father's Day recliner hair.  David will kill me if he knows that I put this on here, but since I don't think he gets on my blog too often I think I'm in the clear.  HAHAHAHAHA!! Hilarious.  He had a good father's day.  He got love from me and my niece and nephew, and as you can see he got to hang out for quite a long time in his favorite seat while watching westerns.

 Saturday was nice to be alone, but after about a day and a half it gets a little lonely at the house and it's very quiet.  I found myself not knowing what to do at my own house.  It's like I would just walk around, sit and watch tv but finding myself very bored and ready for some company.  This house is too big to be home alone.  I don't sleep well, and I just get bored easily.  You don't realize how much you enjoy the company of your husband until he is gone for a couple days.

While Kevin was away he sent me a couple pictures of the little dude, and he would keep me updated with everything going on in New York.

Visiting the chickens at Mrs Pat's house.  She is a very sweet lady who is Grandma and Grandpa's neighbor, and has several animals on her property.
hanging out with Iron Man, watching for birds while playing the leapster
 Eating the biggest slice of pizza he has ever seen!
 Having a little wine and appetizer, before dinner.  Just kidding.  Dane didn't get any appetizers.  Only wine.  Ok ok ok.... totally kidding.  no wine for the little dude.

Kevin was suppose to come back Monday night.  But, last minute his flight was canceled and he had to stay in New York till the morning.   So, I did what any other person would do...
I baked.
An oreo chocolate cake.  And it was delicious.

I'm realizing this is getting really long... so I'll continue tomorrow with our time while Dane was gone, and pictures from New York.  Good night!

I'm sad that it's already Sunday evening.  Blah!

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