Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10th wknd

Well, I'm officially a year older.  Womp Womp.  
Monday was my birthday.  Birthdays just seem to come faster and faster every year.  A sure sign of getting old, I guess.  To be honest I feel old this year.  They say you are only as old as you feel, and unfortunately, this year I feel old.  Maybe it's my job... who am I kidding?? It's absolutely my job.  
I definitely feel my age this year.  Exhausted all the time is what 33 feels like.  Wow. 33!! When did I turn 33?? It's cliche, but when did I wake up and all of a sudden I'm in my 30's??? Crazy.  Seriously crazy. My life since about 25 years old has gone SOOOO fast.   This birthday was the 9th birthday that Kevin has celebrated with me.  I can not fathom that number.  We went back and forth with that number.  I didn't believe him at first, because it just doesn't feel right.  There is no way.  But... we started dating officially about 6 or 7 days before my 25th birthday.  And have been celebrating ever since.  No words. 

Speaking of my job... 
Here's a picture of the fabulous four from this past Friday... we were celebrating the longest week ever, and the fact that it was finally Friday, and that we made it to the weekend.  It's a big deal! HA Last week was a doozie, not going lie.  I didn't think I was going to make it to Friday!

These 3 ladies are the ones who keep me sane (if you could call it that)! 
My job brings out a lot of frustration, anxiety, stress, tears, anger, emotional roller coasters, depression, sadness but us 4 really have each other's back, and have been there for each other from the beginning.  We have been through SOOO much together, can't even begin to explain how much (you wouldn't believe the stories).  3 of us have been together for 6 and 7 years, and one has just joined the chaos, but through all the years and through all the Hell we have NEVER NOT gotten along.  There hasn't been a single disagreement, or argument between us. I can't even begin to tell you how much craziness I work with, and somehow by the grace of God (I'm so not kidding) I ended up with 3 other therapists that are good people, who I can trust, who are normal girls, who I get along great with and enjoy their company.  The only part of my job that I am thankful for (besides getting a pay check that contributes to my bills) is the therapists that I work with.  
This picture was after about 45 other bad pics.  HA Best one we got!
Me, Kristy, Diana and Katie

So, my birthday wknd...  
My hubby surprised me with a babysitter on Saturday, and tickets to see the Blue Man group show.  I had seen them about 10 years ago in Vegas with my friend Tabitha, and he had seen them with his his brother in Chicago.  We had talked about the show several years prior.  He saw they were playing Saturday in Houston, so it was a perfect birthday gift! It's a neat show... little weird if you haven't heard of them.  But, it's a lot of neat music and technology etc. Hard to explain, but it's a really neat show.  We really enjoyed the show!! We had a blast, and even got to take pics with them afterwards.   

After the show we went to dinner with the Gonzalez gang at a yummy mexican restaurant.  It's not my birthday without queso and a margarita.  Christy was nice enough to watch Dane while we were at the show, and then we all went out to dinner.  Dane was beyond excited to find out he was getting to hang out at Mrs Christy's house with Zach and Sophie.  They had a blast! 
Love Mrs Christy! :)

Besides the fact that he gets to play with cute company... he gets to play with a DS which is just the best thing ever....

Sunday we had a family day at Schitterbahn in Galveston.  I can't even tell you how much fun Dane had.  He was tall enough to ride all the slides  that required a tube with a parent, and he loved every single one of them.  It was such a fun day!! He wasn't scared at all, and was giggling and laughing the entire time on every slide.  We really had such a great day.  I love water parks!! We got there right when they opened, and had several hours of getting to ride everything with no lines. We were very thankful that it wasn't too crowded the entire time we were there.   About 2:00 the skies opened up and we had to take shelter for about an hour.  The slides were closed because it started lightening, but after about an hour everything calmed down, and we enjoyed another couple hours before heading back home.  I hung out in the kid sections and let Dane play while Kevin went and did some of the advanced slides that Dane wasn't tall enough for and the ones that I was too chicken too ride.  
Good day for all 3 of us.  
I brought a water disposable camera with me.  There was 24 pictures taken and only about 5 were worth anything.  These pictures are pretty terrible, but best we got of the day! 
This was us just getting to the park... and as you can tell something must have been on the lens of the disposable camera... Dane looks like he is wearing a white wig HAHA

Dane wanted to "take" pictures as well... so out of the 24 there were about 12 that I couldn't even tell what the picture was.  HAHAHA!!!!! He would aim, and then by the time he clicked button he wasn't pointing in the direction that he was originally wanting.  
I love the lazy river! And also the section of the lazy river that has rapids.  Fun!! Best one of Kevin and Dane.  

Me and Dane riding the crazy rapids of the "lazy" river while Kevin was off doing "real" rides.  He had a blast.  Laughing so hard.  I was the stressed out mom trying to make sure our raft didn't flip over.   Yes, I'm the one who probably deflates the fun because I'm constantly telling him to hold on, grabbing his legs, getting a little crazy and paranoid.  Gotta have one parent like that, right??
On my actual birthday I took off from work, because who wants to work on their birthday??  I did a little shopping and piddling that morning by myself, and then Dane and I met up with Christy and her kids at her sister's pool.  We just hung out the entire day, and it was very nice.  No stress.  
Then went home and enjoyed some ice cream cake that Dane and Kevin got me. Mint Chocolate ice cream cake... from Baskin Robbins... nothing better!!

And Dane made me the sweetest picture for my birthday.  He worked on it for a long time sunday evening in his playroom, and wouldn't let me see it till it was my actual birthday.  
The family... on a boat...
under a rainbow. 
So sweet and couldn't have been better.  Loved it.  

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