Friday, June 7, 2013


Today was a bitter/sweet day.  I know it is so cliche to say that time has gone by so fast, but it really really has.  Dane is done with pre-school, and has little over 2 months before starting "real" school.  It's mind blowing.  I don't have the words to describe my thoughts and feelings about this whole thing.  I'm excited, but also sad.  Emotions are a weird thing.  

I think Dane feels the same way.  He is so pumped about kindergarten.  He thinks it's the best thing he has ever heard about.  But, knowing this week was his last week at his school I think he was a little sad.  We have been pushing so much excitement towards him the past few months about going to a new school, new friends etc that I really hadn't stopped to think how he might feel when we got to this week.  

The other night at dinner for the first time Dane expressed when we mentioned that he only had 3 more days of school that he was happy, but also a little sad.  My heart broke a little bit when I heard him tell me that he thinks he is a little sad.  For those who know Dane knows he is the most giggly happy kid, who rarely is sad.  The only time he ever expresses any emotion besides happiness is when he is in trouble, or dead tired.  He's a happy kid with a whole lot of personality and one that adapts so easily to new things. 

 So, I've been thinking how he is going to be the kid who just goes with the flow about moving to a new school, and that everything will be unicorns and rainbows.  And it will.  I have no doubt that Dane will start kindergarten and have any problems with making new friends, having a new teacher, new school etc.  But... I hadn't stopped to think that with this happy kid comes with a kid who has been at his current school since October of 2009.  Over 3 years.  That's an eternity in pre-school years.   He has built relationships and friendships with everyone there.  The kids that are in his pre-school class have been the same kids with him from when he first started going there at almost 2 years old.  He has grown up with these kids that he calls his friends.  So, even though he is so excited I think his heart hurts a little knowing that he won't see his friends anymore.  I don't think he fully understands, but enough to know that he feels sad.  It's heartbreaking to think about.  
It's bitter sweet.  No other words to describe the emotions that I'm feeling, that Dane is feeling.  

Yesterday, Dane was sent home with a picture of him and his teacher and a sweet letter on the back.  Cue the tears.  
Pictures from this morning before heading to school.  He looks so grown up.  

And then I sent my little camera with Kevin and told him to take a couple pics at his school.  
Dane at his cubby
 Dane with a couple of his early morning buddies.  Dane is one of the early birds to arrive each morning, so he gets to help the teachers set up the chairs in the cafe.  He thinks he is big stuff.  
The little boy in the black hoodie jacket is one of Dane's favorite friends.  Kontray's (spelling??) mom works at the school, so he is always there first thing when Dane gets dropped off, so they have spent many of mornings eating breakfast and hanging out together.  Kontray will be one of the boys that Dane misses the most I think.  
Dane is all about putting his hands in his pockets these days.  Seriously, like a teenager.  Ha

So, Dane waits till the very last week of pre-school to start taking naps.  He hasn't taken naps in forever.  Months and Months has gone by since this kid has taken a nap at school.  But, everyday this week he has taken a nap!!!!  It's just Crazy!!!!!!  Kevin has gotten off earlier this week, since it was last week of school so he has been getting to Dane's school right in the middle of their nap time.  And Dane has been out!!  He sent me these 2 pics the last couple days.  
 Maybe the last week of pre-school wore him out.  

So, that's the last day of pre-school update.  
What I didn't mention is that Dane had a special visitor come to our house this morning to celebrate this chapter ending, and a new beginning.  
I'll post about that tomorrow!

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