Monday, June 24, 2013

The re-cap continues...

More Cell pics, and more of a recap...
Kevin was suppose to get back last Monday from New York, but unfortunately his flight was delayed so much that he would miss his connecting flight in Detroit.  The problem was that his connecting flight in Detroit was the last flight going to Houston.  The airlines tried changing him to have a connecting flight in Atlanta, but unfortunately after getting on that plane the passengers were released due to mechanical issues.  womp womp.  So, Kevin had to end up staying in New York, and leaving bright and early the next morning to head home.  
He had a friend pick him up from the airport, and was surprised when he walked out to see Brian holding a sign.  Hilarious.  Funny guy.  

Kevin got home in time to make it to a job interview... he had a 2nd one today, which went really well. :)

That afternoon after I got off work I met my gal pals Christy and Dallas at the pool, then we all went to dinner at Willies afterwards.  It felt a little weird that they had their kids there, and we were kid-less.  

We enjoyed the week, but we missed Dane a lot.  It's so quiet at the house, and I really missed his little chatter box self.  But, we got to see him on the computer and skype with him.  He loved seeing himself on the computer. We couldn't keep him still long enough to actually see him clear. He was like a little blurry spit fire on the other side of the screen.  But, we loved it.  Made the week that he was gone bearable to get to see his sweet face.  

We didn't cook one night while Dane was gone.  Isn't that terrible??  Neither of us were in the mood, and we wanted to take advantage of actually being kid free and being able to do whatever we wanted.  We couldn't get too crazy because I had to be up at 4:30 every morning for a little thing called work, but it was nice to just go to dinner and enjoy each other's company without a little voice interrupting over and over.  
Nothing says romance like a bucket of peanuts, rolls, bbq sauce and getting the early bird special price. We actually ate dinner so early Wednesday that our meal was discounted.  Nope, not old at all.  
After dinner Kevin asked what I wanted to do... and yes I was lame.  All I wanted to do was just be able to go home and relax and watch tv without having to give someone a bath or have someone take over the tv with cartoons.  It's hard to do much during the week.  I'm just too dang tired after work.  But, we enjoyed our dinner for 2, and then enjoyed having a nice quiet evening at home.  

I was really excited to get this delivery...
A couple bottles of wine from Nappa.  My mom just returned from a trip there, and shipped us some wine that she had gotten.  I'll take that any day over a keychain that says Nappa Valley.  
The wine was really goooood!

Thursday we pretty much did the same thing.  We went and had dinner, and then we piddled at a couple stores looking for the perfect box for me to store Dane's art/school work, and then enjoyed another nice evening at home.  

Friday we got a little crazier. Ha We had dinner and then went and played some shuffle board. 

I went to a baby shower for an old Chi Omega friend this weekend.  I have lots of fun memories with Romi, she let me live with her for 3 months during the summer before I moved to College Station after my apartment lease was up.  She is the only person I know from Argentina, and is just a sweet funny gal.  

Then it was finally time for the little dude to arrive back in Cypress!! I was very excited to see him!! I missed him so much.  Him and Grandpa had a good flight back.  I promise he grew 2 inches while he was gone, his hair looked blonder, and he talked like he was 15 years ago.  He was like a grown up when he arrived back in Cypress.  

We celebrated his arrival back with a trip to the movie theater to see Monster University.  It was a very cute movie, just like the first Monster Inc movie.  We will have to buy that movie when it comes out.  Dane loved it, and so did I.  

And the photobooth got me again...
We passed Monster Scare school.

This evening we went to dinner with Barry to celebrate a good day... 
We got good news today.  :)

Barry leaves tomorrow, and then all will go back to normal routines here at the Wittschen house.

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