Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome Back!

Friday morning Dane woke up to a special visitor.  Dopey. 
Remember him?  The last couple months Dane has talked about Dopey, and how he misses him and that he wishes he would visit us.  For Dane's last day of pre-school I had already planned on making something yummy and maybe getting a balloon, so I just decided to let Dopey get the credit.  
So, Dopey arrived Friday morning before Dane woke up and landed on the kitchen island.  He came with a note, a kindergarten workbook that Dane can work on this summer, and some yummy brownies.  
Dane walked into the kitchen and got the biggest smile on his face when he saw Dopey and the whole get up.  He was so excited that Dopey had come to visit.  I think it really made his day to see his old buddy there with a balloon and brownies.  Dopey left him a letter that basically told him he was proud of him for finishing pre-school, that he left a book to get ready for kindergarten, to enjoy his summer and he would see him again at Christmas.  
Dane was just beside himself, told us he was going to tell his friends at school that his elf stopped by, and I even heard him telling Dopey that he got a lego police station from Santa.  Hilarious.  
Easy way to make his day.

And I feel the need to defend my cake dish... The glass looks dirty, but it's not.  I made the brownies Thursday night, and instead of letting them cool I immediately put in the glass dish which caused it to get foggy with moisture because of the heat enclosed.  So, the next morning it ended up looking like that.  There... rant over and I feel better.  Ha

Dopey can still get away using my hand writing when writing notes. May not work for much longer!

All was good in the hood until Saturday morning at 4:55 when I woke up from a dead sleep and remembered Dopey didn't fly back to the North Pole, so I had to jump up and get out of bed and send him on his way before little man woke up.  Crazy I tell ya.  

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