Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's been going on?? Not much!

It's been pretty low key around here.  The week went by at a decent speed since we were off Monday.  And we had a low key weekend as well.  Dane has one more week at his pre-school.  And I have a week till my next birthday.  I turn 27! Ha! I wish! 
Friday after work I had an hair appointment, and then we just chilled at home watching movies together.  Saturday we took care of some errands, and then later that afternoon went to the pool for a few hours.  I'm sure the pool will be our hangout for most of the summer. It's so hot now!!!  I'm not sure how I will survive till Fall. 
We weren't in the pool maybe 5 minutes when the lifeguard told me that I couldn't let Dane be in the section that he was in unless we were an arm length away from him. I was confused at first and asked why.  She said "if he can't swim he doesn't need to be by himself".  Just thought it was funny because 1. Kevin and I both were in the water in the same corner of the pool that he was in, so we were arm lengths away from him. and 2. she had already seen him jump in and swim to the side. And 3. Clearly I wouldn't just let my kid hang out in deep water without me if he couldn't swim. So, I kindly said "oh, he knows how to swim".  She looked at me like I was crazy, like she didn't believe me.  I told Kevin that I felt like she was staring at us the entire time we were at the pool, watching Dane to see if he could really swim or not. Like she was dying to jump in and save him and make it her next facebook status.  :) I kind of felt the need to prove to her that he could swim.  HAHA 
I thought last year he could really swim, but there is a huge difference from this year and last year.  He has improved a lot over the past year, and it was obvious the last 2 times we have been at the pool.  He is really doing good with getting his arms out of the water when doing strokes, able to swim father without taking a breath, treading water etc.  And he even surprised me and knew how to do the back stroke.  I've seen him do that at his lessons, but always with the teacher's help.  But, he can do it himself.  I was shocked Saturday, when I look over and he is on his back with his little arms rotating through the water!  By any means he isn't a perfect swimmer, but it is neat to see him getting better and better.  And with this heat he will just continue to improve this summer, because I'm pretty sure we will be living at the pool the next 3 months.  

Saturday evening Kevin grilled us some fajitas, that I have to say were the best fajitas we have ever had at home with fresh tortillas and homemade cheese dip.  Very yummy.  And there was enough leftover to have it again today for lunch.  Perfect! We are relaxing today.  Spent a couple hours playing Go-Fish and Uno, and we have dinner cooking in the crock pot.  All is well.  All is well.  

he also perfected the cannon ball this year!

little stinker took over my raft.  He told us that he wasn't in the water to play, that he needed to relax.  Hilarious.  His relaxing means being still for 2 minutes

some cell pics from the last few days
bike rides
Friday night was spent with don't spill the beans game
and movies
camping in the tv room
lots of summer homework
ready for football season??
Have to admit it was pretty painful.  He asks for numbers he doesn't need, tells us every card he draws, says go fish and lets us draw a card when indeed he has that card. And then gets little sad when Kevin wins every time.  sigh.  Bring on the wine. 
Other day he asked me for a "kitchen glove", and then I found him like this.  Hilarious.  

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