Saturday, July 27, 2013


We are in vacation mode for a couple reasons.  
One... Dane attended his very first vacation bible school at our church this week.  Our church goes all out for VBS, so I knew that Dane was going to have a fun week.  
He loved every single minute of it, was excited to go back every day, and learned a lot! 
Kevin volunteered this year, and was a teacher in the 3rd grade class.  He had fun too! 
The theme was Game On Major Steko.  It was based on a video game that our church created.  They even created a really cool video game app that you could download for the kids to play on your phone or i-pad.  Dane loves it! I knew when I heard that it was going to be like a video game that Dane would have a blast.  He was all about it.  
So, everyday they would have a big show and each day they would complete a level in the game.  And it was all about building the armor of God.  Dane came home everyday telling me what level they were on, what piece of the armor they built etc etc.  It was a great week for him.  The last day the kids had VBS that day, and then that evening there was a family night where they completed the last level of the game and parents got to come and see what all their kid did during the week.  I was impressed to say the least.  They went all out for the decorations and the show was a lot of fun! 
He wanted to wear his VBS shirt the entire week, all the kids did.  No worries... the shirt was washed multiple times.  :)

Dane sporting part of his armor he made.  

And the second reason we are in vacation mode....

In less than 2 weeks we will be at DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!! 
Can't even tell you how excited Kevin and I are.  We haven't told Dane yet, still trying to figure out how to surprise him.  But, I can't wait!!  This trip was a bit spontaneous.  We've been talking about taking Dane to Disney for years.  But, with Kevin leaving his old job he was paid out for vacation time he didn't use, and after we paid $3,000 to get both of cars fixed we had some money left over and wanted to do something fun with it.  Yes, I said $3,000.  Makes me sick to think about.  
But, anyway we are going to DISNEY!!!!!!!!! 
Can not wait!!

Dane is in Orange with his Granny and Poppy until Wednesday.  We were all suppose to go there this weekend to drop off Dane for a few days, but last minute Granny offered to just meet us and pick him up yesterday, so we could have a kid-less wknd.  Kevin has a training all next week, so Granny and Poppy are watching him Mon-Wed while I'm at work.  Kevin and I went and saw a movie last night, and have been taking it easy today.  I ran a few errands to get us ready for our trip, but we have been straight chilling the last few hours at home.  Kevin has music playing, and we are just taking it easy in this quite house.  Low key weekend, but we got to save our money for our trip! 

I had to laugh earlier when I got these pictures from my mom... 
Poppy always wakes up before the roosters, and usually if Dane wakes up before the rest of the house he will sneak into the living room where Poppy is watching tv, and then they watch cartoons together till everyone else wakes up.  Well, Dane told him last night to wake him up quietly in the morning so he didn't wake everyone else up and they could go get some breakfast.  Hilarious.  So, Dane woke up about 5:30, and of course Poppy was awake, but told him that it was still dark outside that he needed to go lay back down.  I guess he was just excited to go get breakfast with just Poppy! He ended up going back to sleep til about 7:30, and then came out and Poppy said they could go.  
Here is Poppy trying to fix his hair for the outing.  Cracked me up!! Dane has some serious bed head in the mornings with crazy calics.  Poppy didn't get the memo that in order to tame the business you have to drench his hair in water.  Like completely soak it.  No amount of gel or hair spray will make it look normal. I'm wondering how long exactly he stood there spraying the hair spray to get the hair down.  I wish I could have seen the final product because I know it was a sight! HILARIOUS!!

Here's to enjoying the weekend!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

This and That, and not a lot in between

I've been a bit M.I.A the last few weeks. I'm here, I'm here! Just been taking it easy.  Not a whole lot has gone on, just work and the daily routine at home.  It's been so low key that I've been feeling cooped up and bored.  I could really use a vacation, like really really use one.

Kevin probably could really use one too.  He's had a crazy busy summer, probably the least relaxing he's ever had.  I usually get jealous during the summer when he has the summer off and gets to sleep in (you know till 7:00 when Dane wakes up), hang out by the pool all day, do nothing if he chooses, fun days with Dane etc.  But, this summer I have to say I haven't envied him one bit.  He's been super busy with doing all kinds of stuff to close out his old job and get things straight with the new job, has driven back and forth to both places, and has had lots of work to get ready for his new job etc.  Not to mention he is teaching his night class, has had to lots of unexpected handy work he's HAD to do around the house, VBS is starting this week and he volunteered to serve in that, and now both of our cars need maintenance that he is having to work in.  My brakes have decided to go out... gotta love that.   It's been a crazy summer for him.  But, it's all worth it because him working at this new job is going to be nothing but positive for our family.  We are really looking forward to him starting!

I have been trying to check off my kindergarten check list.  It's long! Very long!
School supplies are done! I have to say that list has been complete for a while.  Very proud of myself to get that out of the way waaay before the school supplies came out at the stores.  Beating the crowds baby! I did learn my lesson and will be ordering the pre-packaged supplies from now on.  I thought it would be fun and cheaper to find them on my own, but after visiting about 15 stores for exact things I've decided differently.
My mom bought Dane his new backpack and lunch kit.  Very very thankful! Dane is going to love it when he sees it, it has Darth Vader on it.  But, I have it hidden for now... he would want to play with it everyday, and I want it to be new when school rolls around.  It's nice that those 2 things can be checked off my list as well.   The last 2 weeks I have started doing shopping for clothes for Dane.  He has outgrown everything he owns even down to his socks and underwear, so I'm trying to do a little at a time without breaking the bank.   I've gotten a good start with stuff he needs immediately, but I feel like my list is still long.

some cell pics...
Last weekend we painted Dane's new room.  He is LOVING having this room.  Eventually, I will take some pics of the finished product, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.  We painted it a pretty blue color, so all of his baseball stuff and bedding looks really good next to the walls.

 Kevin added a fan/light to the room with the help of his dad.  Lots of pictures were sent and phone conversations were done in order to get this baby working.  

Batman payed us a visit.

Dane and I attempted to go to the park one evening.  It was sooooooo hot and humid so we didn't stay long, but we did manage to see a momma duck and about 12 of her baby ducks. So cute!! Made the sweat we had worth it!

The last couple weeks have been spent at home, playing games.  Everyday Dane claims it's family game night... sigh. 

We made yogurt Popsicles... and they were a hit with the little dude. 

More games...
He kicked my rear in memory 2 nights in a row... and I didn't even let him win.  
Memory is the first to go.  :(

Dane and Kevin have been doing lots of kindergarten prep... We got a packet of stuff at kindergarten roundup to get us ready during the summer.
He is so proud that he can write Wittschen all by himself with no help on how to spell it.  His writing has improved tremendously this summer!! That would be all because of Kevin. 

Several evenings have been spent at the pool.  Here he is looking at me through his binoculars.  

And the last 2 weeks we have rented several movies from the red box.  Doing a little chilling, cuddling, and movie watching and a couple selfie pics.  

Dane got a really bad hair cut Friday while I was at work.  Like terrible.  All I can say is have you seen Dumb and Dumber?????  Dane could have played Jim Carrey in that movie.  
So, Saturday morning was spent with me taking him back, and demanding it to be fixed.  
It's better.  But, they had to cut a lot of hair off to fix it.  Only good thing is that there is still plenty of time for it to grow back before school starts.  It's still debatable if Kevin will ever be allowed to take him for a cut again.... :)
This wknd (after a trip to Sports Clip) was spent doing a lot of shopping.  We went to Memorial City mall, and while I shopped for school clothes Dane and Kevin played at the mall playground.  Then we had lunch at California Pizza.  Dane was given a kids paper with fun stuff to do while we waited for our food.  
He loudly proclaimed that he needed everyone in the restaurant to be silent so he could concentrate.  Very loudly.  
A little embarrassing, but hilarious.  

Can you spot Waldo???  He turned into a mannequin at Old Navy.  He told me he could be one of those people, and then froze while I snapped the pic.  Funny!

He claimed his leg was hurting and scored himself a piggy back ride back to the car.  

And a little book reading before bed.  Dane takes the book before bed really seriously.  He never fights bedtime, ever.  Usually will ask to go to bed, but if a story isn't read... lord help ya!
I like when it's Kevin's night to read and I'm just there for support.  

That's all I got.  Another weekend is long gone!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just some funnies...

Well, this week has been a doozie.  I feel like I have been run over by a mac truck.  It's been an exhausting week, and I've never been more ready for a week to be over than I have this week.  
You know it's going be a really long week when Tuesday rolls around, and it feels like you have already been at work 5 days.  

Today I got home from work and I could barely move.  My whole body is aching and hurting, and all I wanted to do after dinner was just lay there.  I had no energy to talk or to smile or anything.  I just wanted to do nothing while sipping on a glass of wine.  But, not everyone in my house got the vibe that today was just not the day.  
Im laying on the couch with my feet up, my head back, just trying to "make it".  Kevin is laying on the other side of the couch doing the exact same thing when Dane comes into the room and says

"I thought it would be a good idea if we had family game night tonight"

It was hilarious.  Well... how he said it was hilarious.  Not the actual idea of us playing a game.  If I'm being honest I wanted to slam my head through a wall when he said that.  Are you kidding me????? I looked at Kevin and all I could do was roll my eyes.  Like please, someone take me out of my misery.  But, then Dane started saying "PLEASE MOMMY, PLEASE".  How can you say no to that when all he is wanting to do is spend time with you.  So, we agree to play 1 game, but it had to be something I could do without moving off the couch.  We played 1 game of Monopoly Jr, and all was good.  

Later on I asked Dane to take a dish into the kitchen for me.  He got up, grabbed the bowl and started walking to the kitchen.  He got out of eyesight and then sighs real loud, and says


I didn't realize I already had a teenager living here.  It's a tough life, I tell ya.  


The other day when we were traveling to Dallas I pull out my GPS and Dane says

"Are you going to use your calculator?"
I tell him it's not a calculator it's a GPS.  
He then says
"Oh, well it always says recalculating recalculating"
Hilarious.  Seriously hilarious.  And smart.  
Little scared to admit how often that kid has heard my GPS say recalculating.  HAHAHAHA


The other night Dane overheard me telling Kevin that I wanted to switch his bedroom with the guest room along with other rearrangements.  Before I knew it I walked into the guest room to see that Dane had already started moving out of his room.  He was crazy excited.  Telling me everything that was going to go in his new room, and everything that was in the guest room that needed to be moved out.  And since then he has woken up everyday and told Kevin how many days he has left in his bedroom, since I had told him nothing was happening till Saturday.  I guess this is really happening.  I'm sure Kevin is cringing.  

Then the next day Dane told Kevin that he wanted to go take a nap in his new room.  Kevin was like alright, thinking he wouldn't stay in there long... the kid fell asleep for about an hour and a half!!! The kid who doesn't take naps! But he was so excited about the idea of getting a new room! Kevin texted me this picture. He's so funny.  


And a video of him being his silly self.  

One more day.  I think I can I think I can.  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Take me out to the ball game...

July 4th was a fun day, but it was back to work for me on Friday. Bummer. Only positive of working a day that everyone else is off is that the highways are completely empty. First time for me to ever get off at 5:00 and be able to drive 75mph and get home within 25 minutes. I could get used to having no traffic. In my dreams, right?  

Saturday morning Dane and I packed up and ventured off to Dallas. Tabitha had gotten free tickets from her company for the Astro/Ranger baseball game.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go until Friday, because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Dane. Kevin has an exam he is preparing for, and needed to study Saturday. But, last minute we decided to bring Dane with me and he would be able to play with Gage while we went to the game.  Ended up being a perfect!

The game was a blast! We had amazing seats right on the front row behind third base. We had to be on top of our game and paying attention for foul balls. There were 6 of us girls, and I was the only one who was supporting the 'Stros, who we know hasn't been a great team the last few years. It was a great night for a baseball game, we had a lot of fun. And... I must have been the 'Stros lucky charm, because they kicked some bootay and beat them Rangers! We couldn't believe it!! Fun fun night!! 

Meanwhile, Dane and Gage had just as much fun playing together. They got to swim, and watch movies, play Legos, dressed up in costumes, and ran around having fun! Special thanks to Chad for watching him while he watched Gage and Lilly!  They were both sad when it was time to leave! 

Good times!!!!!

Tabitha and I representing our cities!! 

July 4th

We had a great day celebrating July 4th.  The day was packed with fun and somehow it managed to not fly by which normally happens on my days off.  The morning began with a trip to Kevin's old stomping ground, Friendswood.  I was wanting to go to a July 4th parade, and couldn't find any information on any in the Houston area.  Kevin has lots of memories with the Friendswood parade/festival, so we thought what the heck let's drive down for a visit.  We got there in plenty of time to find a great viewing spot, and let Dane run around and get extremely hot and sweaty before the parade started.  It was so hot and humid, but we didn't expect anything less.  Dane really enjoyed the parade, loved the fire trucks and army trucks & soldiers etc and loved waving his flag around.  After the parade we drove to a big park where Friendswood was having a huge July 4th festival.  This year was the 118th year for the parade and festival in Friendswood, so it was a pretty big event.  We walked around and listened to music and had lunch.  There were lots of moon walks, and blown up water slides for the kids so Dane was in hog heaven with that. Brilliant if you ask me to have water slides, because the heat was pretty unbearable.  I didn't realize there was going to be water slides or I would have brought Dane's bathing suit, but he was ok with wearing his regular clothes and riding home nearly naked.  Ha.  I didn't want to carry my camera all around the festival, so I didn't get any pictures of us there.  But, we had a a really good time there.  My favorite part was listening to zydeco music while standing under a tree to have a little shade while Dane bounced in a bouncy house.  
After we left Friendswood we went home and changed and then went to the pool for a couple hours.  I was expecting the pool to be packed since it was July 4th, but it wasn't at all.  Hardly anyone there, which was so surprising.  But, great for us! We swam for a couple hours, then went home and just relaxed till it got dark.  We thought we were going to go watch the city fireworks in Cypress, but as time grew closer the more tired we got and just decided to stay home.  Kevin had bought sparklers and some firecrackers he could do that Dane would enjoy watching.  So, we were able to be in our loungy clothes and just hang out in our street doing fireworks for a little while.  Dane had a blast.  The whole day was just a really good day.  I enjoyed spending my day off with my boys and celebrating America's birthday.  

**Thank you to all the serviceman/women who have served our country so we can have the freedoms that we have**

We made and decorated some July 4th cookies.  I had red white and blue sprinkles that I found during Christmas time, so this was a perfect time to break them out.  A little food coloring in white icing and voila we have American cookies.  Yummy!

Um... it was hot.. very hot.  I was dying.  And sweating.

Dane thought the REAL army guys were so cool.  

does anyone else think that Uncle Sam should have been pulling this float??  Poor lady!! Crazy!
Fire trucks with actual fire fighters on it was another favorite.  

Hey Sarge came to Friendswood!!  When we talked about him Dane made sure to tell us that was not the real Sarge from the movie Cars.  That was just a pretend one.