Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th

We had a great day celebrating July 4th.  The day was packed with fun and somehow it managed to not fly by which normally happens on my days off.  The morning began with a trip to Kevin's old stomping ground, Friendswood.  I was wanting to go to a July 4th parade, and couldn't find any information on any in the Houston area.  Kevin has lots of memories with the Friendswood parade/festival, so we thought what the heck let's drive down for a visit.  We got there in plenty of time to find a great viewing spot, and let Dane run around and get extremely hot and sweaty before the parade started.  It was so hot and humid, but we didn't expect anything less.  Dane really enjoyed the parade, loved the fire trucks and army trucks & soldiers etc and loved waving his flag around.  After the parade we drove to a big park where Friendswood was having a huge July 4th festival.  This year was the 118th year for the parade and festival in Friendswood, so it was a pretty big event.  We walked around and listened to music and had lunch.  There were lots of moon walks, and blown up water slides for the kids so Dane was in hog heaven with that. Brilliant if you ask me to have water slides, because the heat was pretty unbearable.  I didn't realize there was going to be water slides or I would have brought Dane's bathing suit, but he was ok with wearing his regular clothes and riding home nearly naked.  Ha.  I didn't want to carry my camera all around the festival, so I didn't get any pictures of us there.  But, we had a a really good time there.  My favorite part was listening to zydeco music while standing under a tree to have a little shade while Dane bounced in a bouncy house.  
After we left Friendswood we went home and changed and then went to the pool for a couple hours.  I was expecting the pool to be packed since it was July 4th, but it wasn't at all.  Hardly anyone there, which was so surprising.  But, great for us! We swam for a couple hours, then went home and just relaxed till it got dark.  We thought we were going to go watch the city fireworks in Cypress, but as time grew closer the more tired we got and just decided to stay home.  Kevin had bought sparklers and some firecrackers he could do that Dane would enjoy watching.  So, we were able to be in our loungy clothes and just hang out in our street doing fireworks for a little while.  Dane had a blast.  The whole day was just a really good day.  I enjoyed spending my day off with my boys and celebrating America's birthday.  

**Thank you to all the serviceman/women who have served our country so we can have the freedoms that we have**

We made and decorated some July 4th cookies.  I had red white and blue sprinkles that I found during Christmas time, so this was a perfect time to break them out.  A little food coloring in white icing and voila we have American cookies.  Yummy!

Um... it was hot.. very hot.  I was dying.  And sweating.

Dane thought the REAL army guys were so cool.  

does anyone else think that Uncle Sam should have been pulling this float??  Poor lady!! Crazy!
Fire trucks with actual fire fighters on it was another favorite.  

Hey Sarge came to Friendswood!!  When we talked about him Dane made sure to tell us that was not the real Sarge from the movie Cars.  That was just a pretend one.  

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