Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer fun

Well, this post is a do-over.  And I'm a little bitter about it.  
Sunday night I had written this entire post and uploaded all the pictures.  It took me a while to do it, and then when I hit publish I got an error that I hadn't seen before.  And just like that my entire post was gone.  Vanished.  GRRRRRRR!!!! Ugh! I was so mad.  By then it was too late to start over, and quite frankly I was too perturbed to re-do it.  

But, I've had a couple days to get over it, so here I am again.  And if that error happens again I may just throw my computer out the window.  
So, let's try this again...

We have gotten settled back into our reality with Dane home from New York.  He is keeping busy with re-building every lego set he owns, and making Kevin help him along the way.  And we are just trying to stay cool.  I'm not sure I will survive the summer, it's just so dang hot and miserable outside.  
I attempted to make homemade fudgesicles, but they were a fail.  I didn't know it was possible to mess up homemade Popsicles, but I managed to do that.  No idea how to do it without this happening.  I even let it melt a little but the stick still came out.  Maybe it's the fact that I got the container from Wal-Mart for about $1.25.  Maybe that's why it was so cheap!

I am looking forward to having July 4th off from work.  I wish I was able to get a long weekend out of this holiday, but I have to work Friday.  Womp womp.  I'm sure that we will do some swimming, maybe a July 4th parade and fireworks.  

Speaking of work... We have been celebrating the past 2 weeks, because Kevin got a new JOB that he will be starting in August.  I can officially announce it on here.  We are really excited, and this job will help our family out tremendously with Dane starting school in the fall.  He will be working about 3 miles from our house verses the hour he was driving to and from work, getting a raise, and saving so much money on gas. Not to mention being really close to Dane's school.  We are very thankful that this worked out.  

Friday night I spent the evening with 2 of my girls, Becca and Christy.  Becca came into town so we went to dinner to catch up. A little girls night if you will.  She brought us the cutest bracelets for our birthdays.  She is such a thoughtful gal.  We had an absolute blast.  The evening was spent with belly laughs galore, and maybe even a little dancing in the bathroom.  I'll never tell who the dancer was.  Ahem.  Ha
We had such a great time that I think this should be a weekly occurrence.  

Saturday Dane and I got out of the house and went to the Children's Museum in the Woodlands.  Kevin needed to study for an exam that he is taking soon, so I needed to get the little dude out of his way so he would have a quiet house.  It had been a couple years since we went to there, but I knew that Dane would love it again.  There is a pretend fire station like at the Fire museum that we go too, and he is all about pretending he is a fireman.  He did that the majority of the time that we were there, along with dressing up in costumes, pretending with other kids, and playing in the play grocery store.  He had a a great time, and didn't want to leave.  We stayed for several hours before I had to drag him out and bribe him with going to the pool once we got home.  Good Times.  He loved it there.  

When we got home and we were getting dressed for the pool my phone rings, and it's my girl Tabitha... or so I thought.  I answer, and it's a facetime call with Dane's best buddy Gage asking if he could talk to Dane.  So, I yell for Dane (he was in the process of getting his bathing suit on) and he comes downstairs butt naked.  No shame.  Oh, and I didn't mention that Gage was wearing a ninja turtle mask.    Can we say HILARIOUS!!!! The funniest conversation I have ever witnessed.  I think they asked each other if they could go to their house about 14,634 times while on the phone.  And did I mention Dane was naked? And Gage was dressed as a ninja.  Soooo funny.  

We hung out at the pool that afternoon and then came home and had a family movie night.  

Sunday afternoon after church we went back to the pool, to survive the heat.  We have been going to our neighborhood pool for years, and we have never seen the lifeguards have to take action until Sunday.  We were on the opposite side of the pool, and heard the lifeguard blow her whistle very loudly, then again, then again while pointing to a kid in the water.  Next thing we see is the lifeguard jumping in the water and swimming really fast to the kid.  The kid was fine, we think maybe he just panicked because he could touch in the water that he was in.  But, she got him out and then the search for the parent occurred.  The mom was on the opposite side under the shade, and didn't see any of this go down.  Um, hello let's pay attention to our kids.  They left soon after.  I'm sure she was a bit embarrassed that she had no idea he was in the section he shouldn't have been in.  So, I'm sure that was the highlight of the lifeguard's summer.  

Dane had a blast swimming.  He has become friends with a couple boys that we have seen on multiple occasions at the pool.

  I have to share a funny story.  At one point he decided that he was going to put on a show for a pretend audience.  He was standing on the stairs and would say "Ladies and Gentlemen I am about to do a trick", then he would do something crazy like a flip in the water or a dive.  Then he would come out of the water and nod his head and say "Thank you Thank you".  Then it would start over. "Now, for my last trick I will be doing ...."
The tricks went on and on for a long time.  It was hilarious.  Every time he would get up and have his arms out and say Thank you Thank you everyone.  He would even tell us that he was going to be back the next day and do more tricks.  And told us to get our tickets now.  
So, we are watching him and laughing and then he stands up really tall on the stairs.  He put his arms wide open and his body and eyes are pointing directly at Kevin and says as loudly as he could
"For my last trick I need my very large monkey to come over here and throw me in the water"
I lost it.  Seriously lost it.  I told Kevin that he was Dane's assistant for this performance.  We were cracking up, and Kevin made sure to tell him that he was not a monkey.  Dane got a huge laugh not only from us, but from several people hanging out in the pool.  It was seriously hilarious.  That kid is a riot.  He is a funny kid.  

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