Sunday, July 7, 2013

Take me out to the ball game...

July 4th was a fun day, but it was back to work for me on Friday. Bummer. Only positive of working a day that everyone else is off is that the highways are completely empty. First time for me to ever get off at 5:00 and be able to drive 75mph and get home within 25 minutes. I could get used to having no traffic. In my dreams, right?  

Saturday morning Dane and I packed up and ventured off to Dallas. Tabitha had gotten free tickets from her company for the Astro/Ranger baseball game.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go until Friday, because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Dane. Kevin has an exam he is preparing for, and needed to study Saturday. But, last minute we decided to bring Dane with me and he would be able to play with Gage while we went to the game.  Ended up being a perfect!

The game was a blast! We had amazing seats right on the front row behind third base. We had to be on top of our game and paying attention for foul balls. There were 6 of us girls, and I was the only one who was supporting the 'Stros, who we know hasn't been a great team the last few years. It was a great night for a baseball game, we had a lot of fun. And... I must have been the 'Stros lucky charm, because they kicked some bootay and beat them Rangers! We couldn't believe it!! Fun fun night!! 

Meanwhile, Dane and Gage had just as much fun playing together. They got to swim, and watch movies, play Legos, dressed up in costumes, and ran around having fun! Special thanks to Chad for watching him while he watched Gage and Lilly!  They were both sad when it was time to leave! 

Good times!!!!!

Tabitha and I representing our cities!! 

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