Sunday, July 21, 2013

This and That, and not a lot in between

I've been a bit M.I.A the last few weeks. I'm here, I'm here! Just been taking it easy.  Not a whole lot has gone on, just work and the daily routine at home.  It's been so low key that I've been feeling cooped up and bored.  I could really use a vacation, like really really use one.

Kevin probably could really use one too.  He's had a crazy busy summer, probably the least relaxing he's ever had.  I usually get jealous during the summer when he has the summer off and gets to sleep in (you know till 7:00 when Dane wakes up), hang out by the pool all day, do nothing if he chooses, fun days with Dane etc.  But, this summer I have to say I haven't envied him one bit.  He's been super busy with doing all kinds of stuff to close out his old job and get things straight with the new job, has driven back and forth to both places, and has had lots of work to get ready for his new job etc.  Not to mention he is teaching his night class, has had to lots of unexpected handy work he's HAD to do around the house, VBS is starting this week and he volunteered to serve in that, and now both of our cars need maintenance that he is having to work in.  My brakes have decided to go out... gotta love that.   It's been a crazy summer for him.  But, it's all worth it because him working at this new job is going to be nothing but positive for our family.  We are really looking forward to him starting!

I have been trying to check off my kindergarten check list.  It's long! Very long!
School supplies are done! I have to say that list has been complete for a while.  Very proud of myself to get that out of the way waaay before the school supplies came out at the stores.  Beating the crowds baby! I did learn my lesson and will be ordering the pre-packaged supplies from now on.  I thought it would be fun and cheaper to find them on my own, but after visiting about 15 stores for exact things I've decided differently.
My mom bought Dane his new backpack and lunch kit.  Very very thankful! Dane is going to love it when he sees it, it has Darth Vader on it.  But, I have it hidden for now... he would want to play with it everyday, and I want it to be new when school rolls around.  It's nice that those 2 things can be checked off my list as well.   The last 2 weeks I have started doing shopping for clothes for Dane.  He has outgrown everything he owns even down to his socks and underwear, so I'm trying to do a little at a time without breaking the bank.   I've gotten a good start with stuff he needs immediately, but I feel like my list is still long.

some cell pics...
Last weekend we painted Dane's new room.  He is LOVING having this room.  Eventually, I will take some pics of the finished product, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.  We painted it a pretty blue color, so all of his baseball stuff and bedding looks really good next to the walls.

 Kevin added a fan/light to the room with the help of his dad.  Lots of pictures were sent and phone conversations were done in order to get this baby working.  

Batman payed us a visit.

Dane and I attempted to go to the park one evening.  It was sooooooo hot and humid so we didn't stay long, but we did manage to see a momma duck and about 12 of her baby ducks. So cute!! Made the sweat we had worth it!

The last couple weeks have been spent at home, playing games.  Everyday Dane claims it's family game night... sigh. 

We made yogurt Popsicles... and they were a hit with the little dude. 

More games...
He kicked my rear in memory 2 nights in a row... and I didn't even let him win.  
Memory is the first to go.  :(

Dane and Kevin have been doing lots of kindergarten prep... We got a packet of stuff at kindergarten roundup to get us ready during the summer.
He is so proud that he can write Wittschen all by himself with no help on how to spell it.  His writing has improved tremendously this summer!! That would be all because of Kevin. 

Several evenings have been spent at the pool.  Here he is looking at me through his binoculars.  

And the last 2 weeks we have rented several movies from the red box.  Doing a little chilling, cuddling, and movie watching and a couple selfie pics.  

Dane got a really bad hair cut Friday while I was at work.  Like terrible.  All I can say is have you seen Dumb and Dumber?????  Dane could have played Jim Carrey in that movie.  
So, Saturday morning was spent with me taking him back, and demanding it to be fixed.  
It's better.  But, they had to cut a lot of hair off to fix it.  Only good thing is that there is still plenty of time for it to grow back before school starts.  It's still debatable if Kevin will ever be allowed to take him for a cut again.... :)
This wknd (after a trip to Sports Clip) was spent doing a lot of shopping.  We went to Memorial City mall, and while I shopped for school clothes Dane and Kevin played at the mall playground.  Then we had lunch at California Pizza.  Dane was given a kids paper with fun stuff to do while we waited for our food.  
He loudly proclaimed that he needed everyone in the restaurant to be silent so he could concentrate.  Very loudly.  
A little embarrassing, but hilarious.  

Can you spot Waldo???  He turned into a mannequin at Old Navy.  He told me he could be one of those people, and then froze while I snapped the pic.  Funny!

He claimed his leg was hurting and scored himself a piggy back ride back to the car.  

And a little book reading before bed.  Dane takes the book before bed really seriously.  He never fights bedtime, ever.  Usually will ask to go to bed, but if a story isn't read... lord help ya!
I like when it's Kevin's night to read and I'm just there for support.  

That's all I got.  Another weekend is long gone!

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