Saturday, July 27, 2013


We are in vacation mode for a couple reasons.  
One... Dane attended his very first vacation bible school at our church this week.  Our church goes all out for VBS, so I knew that Dane was going to have a fun week.  
He loved every single minute of it, was excited to go back every day, and learned a lot! 
Kevin volunteered this year, and was a teacher in the 3rd grade class.  He had fun too! 
The theme was Game On Major Steko.  It was based on a video game that our church created.  They even created a really cool video game app that you could download for the kids to play on your phone or i-pad.  Dane loves it! I knew when I heard that it was going to be like a video game that Dane would have a blast.  He was all about it.  
So, everyday they would have a big show and each day they would complete a level in the game.  And it was all about building the armor of God.  Dane came home everyday telling me what level they were on, what piece of the armor they built etc etc.  It was a great week for him.  The last day the kids had VBS that day, and then that evening there was a family night where they completed the last level of the game and parents got to come and see what all their kid did during the week.  I was impressed to say the least.  They went all out for the decorations and the show was a lot of fun! 
He wanted to wear his VBS shirt the entire week, all the kids did.  No worries... the shirt was washed multiple times.  :)

Dane sporting part of his armor he made.  

And the second reason we are in vacation mode....

In less than 2 weeks we will be at DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!! 
Can't even tell you how excited Kevin and I are.  We haven't told Dane yet, still trying to figure out how to surprise him.  But, I can't wait!!  This trip was a bit spontaneous.  We've been talking about taking Dane to Disney for years.  But, with Kevin leaving his old job he was paid out for vacation time he didn't use, and after we paid $3,000 to get both of cars fixed we had some money left over and wanted to do something fun with it.  Yes, I said $3,000.  Makes me sick to think about.  
But, anyway we are going to DISNEY!!!!!!!!! 
Can not wait!!

Dane is in Orange with his Granny and Poppy until Wednesday.  We were all suppose to go there this weekend to drop off Dane for a few days, but last minute Granny offered to just meet us and pick him up yesterday, so we could have a kid-less wknd.  Kevin has a training all next week, so Granny and Poppy are watching him Mon-Wed while I'm at work.  Kevin and I went and saw a movie last night, and have been taking it easy today.  I ran a few errands to get us ready for our trip, but we have been straight chilling the last few hours at home.  Kevin has music playing, and we are just taking it easy in this quite house.  Low key weekend, but we got to save our money for our trip! 

I had to laugh earlier when I got these pictures from my mom... 
Poppy always wakes up before the roosters, and usually if Dane wakes up before the rest of the house he will sneak into the living room where Poppy is watching tv, and then they watch cartoons together till everyone else wakes up.  Well, Dane told him last night to wake him up quietly in the morning so he didn't wake everyone else up and they could go get some breakfast.  Hilarious.  So, Dane woke up about 5:30, and of course Poppy was awake, but told him that it was still dark outside that he needed to go lay back down.  I guess he was just excited to go get breakfast with just Poppy! He ended up going back to sleep til about 7:30, and then came out and Poppy said they could go.  
Here is Poppy trying to fix his hair for the outing.  Cracked me up!! Dane has some serious bed head in the mornings with crazy calics.  Poppy didn't get the memo that in order to tame the business you have to drench his hair in water.  Like completely soak it.  No amount of gel or hair spray will make it look normal. I'm wondering how long exactly he stood there spraying the hair spray to get the hair down.  I wish I could have seen the final product because I know it was a sight! HILARIOUS!!

Here's to enjoying the weekend!

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