Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The excitement continues...

3 days in and we still have big smiles in regards to Kindergarten.  
Dane is really enjoying it.  We have gotten our routine down to a science in the mornings. I have been packing his lunch and laying out his clothes the night before. I get up 30 minutes earlier than I would normally and get showered and almost completely dressed before waking him up about 30 minutes before we need to leave the house.  It takes him a few minutes to get moving, he is a little cranky first thing.  But, while he is getting his clothes on I make him breakfast.  We multitask while he is eating breakfast, I am getting his shoes on and wetting his crazy bed hair all while hurrying him along.  
He brushes his teeth, and then we zoom out the door getting him to his school and me on the hwy just in time to sit in bumper to bumper traffic all the way to work.  The mornings are crazy, but we are figuring it out. 

He has come home smiling everyday.  He seems to be really enjoying everything about it.  PE still seems to be a favorite.  
The first day he told me he forgot to ask people if they would be his friend.  
The second day he said he made friends, but he forgot to ask them their names.  
The third day he said he likes his friends, but he forgot to ask them their names again. Told me I need to tell him in the car, when I said I did remind you this morning he said "well, you need to tell me louder".  

Anyway, all is good.  I hope it continues!! 

Day 2  

 He looks so big in the above picture.  Looks like a teenager.

Day 3 

Monday, August 26, 2013


Well, it's official!!! Dane is in kindergarten!!! 

Yesterday I was telling Dane that I couldn't believe he was old enough to go to kindergarten, and that he has just grown up.  In the sweetest voice he said 
"Don't worry Mommy, I won't forget you while I'm there".  

The day couldn't have gone more perfect for the little dude.  He woke up in a great mood, and was so excited to get to his school.  The fact that he was so happy and excited made it hard to feel any kind of sadness about my baby growing up.  Granny came into town last night to go with me to drop him off since Kevin couldn't be there.  We ate breakfast, and then took lots of pictures before heading to the school, then took more.  I woke up feeling extremely nervous, but by the time we got to his school I felt fine.  Dane just made himself right at home in his classroom.  He was not shy to ask the teacher several questions right off the bat.  The best one was after being there for maybe 2 minutes he asked his teacher when snack time was.  Hilarious.  He was so excited that he didn't eat much of his breakfast, so I'm sure he was starving by the time lunchtime rolled around.  

I was excited to get Dane off the bus to hear all about his day.  I bought some special cookies from the cookie company.  Dane got off the bus and had the BIGGEST smile on his face.  He was so happy and that just made my day! He had a great day, loved everything about it.  PE was his favorite part of the day, and getting to use his paint set.  No recess today because it rained for hours, thought I was going to be standing at the bus stop in the rain but it stopped a few minutes before I went outside.  He told me he forgot to ask the kids if they would be his friends.  Thought that was real cute.  But, everything he had to say was positive, and he is excited to be going back tomorrow.  
Makes this momma heart happy!

 Such a cutie!!

 His backpack is as big as he is!

 Silly goose.  

 That green sticker is an important sticker for the week.. tells the teachers how he is getting home rather be car pool or bus.  I was a little nervous I would get to the bus stop and Dane wouldn't be on the bus! HA 

 The playdo kept the kids busy while waiting for class to start. 
 Once he started playing with the playdo, and talking to the other kids at his table he didn't even notice that we were there. Having the time of his life!
 YUM! Cookies!
 Waiting for the bus felt like watching paint dry.  The anticipation was killing me!!

 He loved Kindergarten!!!

 We ate some cookies while we talked about our day.  

Here's to a great year in Kindergarten!!

Birthday Bash

This weekend we went to Orange to celebrate 2 special birthdays.  Dane's little cousins Hadley and Baylor.  
Baylor turned 1 on August 22nd.  And Hadley will turn 2 on August 31st!! 
The girls had an ice cream/swimming party and it was loads of fun.  I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my family, it was a great day for all of us. 
One last summer hurrah before Dane started school.  

Happy Birthday to Hadley and Baylor!