Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 1/2...

Last Wednesday on the 31st Dane officially became five and a half years old.  It's already been 6 months since his 5th birthday.  I say it all the time, but time marches on at an incredible speed.  Just when you start getting used to them being a certain age, they start getting older.  Slow down my little man, there is no rush. 

So, what does 5 1/2 look like for Dane???

-He is 42.5 inches, and 39lbs.  

-His favorite thing to do by far is play with his legos.  He will build and build and re-build and play with the lego men till he is blue in the face.  He likes to build the sets he has over and over, and make up his own creations every single day.  It never gets old for him. Not a day goes by that he isn't building something.  He is very detailed oriented, and will not stop till it is exactly how it is suppose to be in his mind.  It's impressive how good at building he actually is. As long as he has his legos he is a happy camper. 

-Pretending and dressing up rank at a high 2nd to legos. He has the biggest imagination there is, constantly acting like he is fighting bad guys or trying to save someone.  He is all about anything related to cowboys, superheros, Indiana Jones, Star wars, cops, firemen, army guys etc.  You never know who is going to be hanging out with you each day.  Just when you think all is calm in the house he will come around the corner wearing a costume, or throw a grenade at you and yelling at you to duck.  Never a dull moment.  

-Swimming and baseball seem to be the sports he likes the most.  Has become a really strong swimmer, and loves everything about being in the water.  He wants to play baseball again, mentions that quite often.  

-loves electronics (true boy).  The wii and nintendo always makes him happy.  Or to get to play the ipad or a DS will just make his day.  Bike rides are still a favorite, along with playing games like memory and trouble, and wrestling with his dad. 

-Dane is a social butterfly, he never meets a stranger.  Can make friends extremely easily, and transitions well to new things.  He is extremely chatty, animated, loud, passionate and playful.  Very inquisitive, stubborn, literal, but sweet and sensitive.  He likes to feel like he is needed or is a helper.  Pretty good about doing chores like helping to set the table, or bringing his dishes to the sink, making his bed, helping with things we need.  But, cleaning his playroom takes an act of congress.

-Has become a pretty decent eater.  Still picky, but has gotten way better and dinner time is more enjoyable these days. PB&J and mac and cheese are his 2 favorites.  Unless you count breakfast food... that will always win. He loves breakfast food to the moon and back.  
 Always wakes up at the crack of dawn, a true morning person.  Gets a little wild and cranky in the evenings, never fights bedtime.  In fact, will ask to go to bed fairly often.    

-He is ready for kindergarten.  He can write his full name, can read about 50+ sight words, and has  learned how to sound out words that aren't his sight words.  Knows the sounds of every letter, has gotten really good at telling you what letter words start with when you ask him, can count to about 100 with a little help.  He has gotten pretty good at simple math, like adding two numbers.  He can recognize and write all the letters and numbers.  Also, he is good at doing patterns, what comes next or and what doesn't belong.  His writing has improved tremendously over the summer. 

-has become his father's son.  He has a little bit of a smart mouth, can be sarcastic, and acts like he is a teenager on most days. It's a work in process. But, He's hilarious, is constantly making us laugh.  He is extremely silly and playful, and is always up for an adventure.  
-Words of affirmation I think is his love language.  He needs to feel like he is making you happy. 

Overall, he is a great kid, and we are very thankful for him.  
5 1/2... Can not believe it.  

He spent the entire wknd wearing his cowboy hat.  Twirling his gun around his finger. Pointing the gun at the ceiling and shooting it. Kissing his gun. Talking in a deep voice.
We had a Cowboy In the house.  
But, then he added his whip and suddenly he said he became Indiana Jones.  He told us to pretend his hat was brown.  He watched all of the Indiana Jones movies today, and has taken his role very seriously.  
Something about him in the cowboy hat... melts my heart! So super duper cute!

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