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Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

I know I'm dragging my feet to get these pics up... a little thing called having to work the minute you get home from vacation is taking up all my time.  

Ok... Magic Kingdom!
This one is going to be a long one! 
We did 2 days at Magic Kingdom since there is so much to do and see there. 
But... this is just our first day.  :)

We got up super early to head to the park.  Staying at one of the Disney resorts gives you the opportunity to experience the magic hours at the park.  So, this day the magic hours was at Magic Kingdom.  The park opened up an hour early to Disney resort residents before opening to the general public.  So, we took advantage so we could get a couple big rides in before the lines got too long.  

We started off our morning with Space Mountain.  Kevin was really wanting to ride this, he remembered this ride from when he was younger.  We were hoping that Dane would be tall enough with his shoes on to ride it.  We got him through all the way until it was time to actually get on the ride, and then a worker stopped us and measured him and he wasn't quite tall enough.  I was bummed for him.  Kevin rode the ride while I waited with Dane, and then we switched and I rode the ride.  I love roller coasters... but I had a slight panic attack on this ride.  The whole ride is in pitch blackness, and it's really a rough ride.  Honestly, I was pretty scared on it.  While I was being thrown around I was SOOOOO thankful Dane wasn't tall enough to ride, because I think I would have really panicked with him on it.  He is definitely too small for it.  Not my favorite ride by any means.  I think it had a lot to do with not being able to see anything.  I'm a wuss, I guess.  

From there we went all over the park trying to get in as much as we could.  Peter Pan was a cute ride.  Buzz Light year was a favorite.  We rode that twice in a row.  Dane loved being able to shoot lasers at targets to get points.  I was really impressed with how detailed and colorful all the storybook rides were.  There was so much to look at while riding the indoor rides.  

We had our first experience with fast pass.  It didn't quite go as planned.  While Dane and I got in line for Big Thunder Kevin went to go get fast passes for Splash Mountain.  Big Thunder was a huge hit!! It was a roller coaster, and Dane loved it.  We went ahead and rode it again because the line was still short.  We killed time by riding other rides, and then it was finally time to use our fast passes to Splash Mountain, or so we thought.  As we went to get in line a park worker told us that our fast passes were not for Splash Mountain, but they could only be redeemed at.... Big Thunder.  Way to go Kevin!! HAHAHA Kevin messed up and went to the wrong fast pass distribution counter.  Womp Womp.  He was beating himself up, but it all worked out because we all really liked Big Thunder, so we just rode it again.  3 times within a couple hours.  All was good in the hood though, because we were still able to get fast passes for Splash Mountain for later that afternoon.  

We rode a bunch of fun stuff, saw some 3d films that were super cute, watched the mid-day parade, a Mickey performance at the castle and really enjoyed the park.  We had a lot of fun.  
Since it was an early morning, and since we were planning on staying for the night parade we went back to the hotel around 1:00 to rest for a couple hours.  The heat was brutal, and Magic Kingdom didn't have a whole lot of shade, and the park was huge so there was so much walking.  Our bodies needed a little break, and a shower to cool down.  I've never felt so sweaty in all my life... thats what we get for going in the middle of August!  But, it was all worth it.  We really had so much fun at all the parks.  We got to the hotel, and all just crashed for a couple hours.  Disney World is exhausting! But, in  a good way. 

It just wasn't meant for us to ride Splash Mountain that day...
We got back in time that afternoon to use our Splash Mountain fast pass.  We got about half way through the ride when it just shut down.  Basically, we sat in our boat for about 40 minutes while they re-started the ride about million times until they finally had to come rescue us and get us off the ride. 
Dane was very disappointed that we didn't get to do the big drop.  But, we assured him that when we came back to Magic on our last day we would do Splash Mountain.   The manager gave everyone on the ride a fast pass that could be used for any attraction.  Golden, since you can only get one fast pass at a time.  So, when we came back to Magic we were basically going to have that little ticket we could use on any ride that the lines were too long, plus be able to get a fast pass for another ride.   

We continued to ride more rides, and then we found a great viewing spot in front of the castle to get ready for the evening parade.  I loved it!! We were exhausted, bodies were so sore, extremely sweaty but we all enjoyed Magic Kingdom.  

Next up... Animal Kingdom

 everyone looks like they are casually walking to the castle... but don't let this picture fool you.  When that rope dropped and it was time to enter the park people are walking at an extremely fast pace to get to their first ride.  Pretty crazy.  Getting there before the lines get long is crucial! 

 Buzz Light Year was a favorite... We rode it 3 times!

 We spent a little time at Tom Sawyer's Island

Let's be real... it's not all magical.  There were meltdowns pretty much every day.  It was hot.  We walked an insane amount.  And we had to wait in lines a lot.  So, Dane would hit his limit and there were times he would get emotional.  Usually, when tears were involved that's when we would know we needed to either take a break, get a snack, or Kevin would throw him on his shoulders because he just couldn't walk anymore.   Us stopping and getting water 9 times out of 10 would clear up those emotional meltdowns pretty quickly.  The heat would wear you out, and it was so hot that you didn't feel hungry.  But your body would def need to re-fuel.  

 The infamous fast pass... HA It really was hilarious.  

Dane on Big Thunder.  He was all about throwing his arms in the air, and he expected everyone to ride like that as well.  I love this shot of him.  He was all smiles every time we rode that ride! 

A funny cell pic of how he felt after Big thunder.  2 thumbs up!
 Fun street parade!  The music was fun and upbeat, and I just loved seeing all the characters on the floats.  

 Cute little car ride.  I rode behind them, and felt like I was following a Paw Paw on the road... I was on their tail the entire time.  Slow pokes!! :)

 Cute show with Mickey and friends. 

We did the Haunted Mansion, and Kevin and I loved it.  Dane on the other hand got totally freaked out in this.  He had a death grip on my arm, and kept telling me he didn't want to die.  I felt really bad because I had no idea that it would be as creepy as it was.  The actual ride was pretty cute, but in the very beginning you were put in this tiny room with a bunch of people, and then the lights went completely out.  You couldn't see your hand in front of your face, and there was a voice talking to you that was pretty creepy.  So, this was not his favorite attraction.  We had to keep telling him throughout the attraction that it was all pretend and this wasn't a real haunted mansion, that it was just for fun.  Once we got on the actual ride he was fine, but I don't think this will be something he will want to ride again.

Worn out... had to head to the hotel and take a break. Dane watched some cartoons, rested his tired legs, and we just laid there for a couple hours.  We needed it!

 Pirates of the Caribbean was a hit! 

 Jack Sparrow??

Philhar Magic was one of my favorite 3D movies to see.  It was so cute, and all the special effects were really neat.  

 It's a Small World was one of my favorites.  There was so many neat things to look at during that ride. Very relaxing easy ride, but I really liked all the details of all the countries.

 And here we are trapped on Splash Mountain... had to get my cell phone out and entertain us while waited.  

 we got a great spot for the night parade.  Dane played with his new pirate souvenir while we waited for it to get dark.
Dane's awkward fake smile was out in full force this trip.  HA

 As it got darker more and more lights were put on the castle.  So pretty!!

Another great day!!

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