Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIsney World Day 3- Animal Kingdom

By the end of day 2 we were pretty exhausted. Animal Kingdom was up next, and there were no magic hours so we had no intentions of setting our alarm or rushing to get to the park. This was an easy more low key day because AK is a smaller park with not as much to see and do. 

And sleep is what the little man needed. He was out cold that morning til close to 9 which is unheard of for him. Kevin and I both woke up around 7:30, and we were getting dressed, talking at normal levels and Dane did not budge. One tired little dude. 

AK was a neat little park, lots of trees everywhere. Very lush and jungle feel to it. There were several sections that were pretty cool, a dinosaur land that we spent a big chunk of time in along with different parts of the world that were really neat. I really liked the African section. 

We spent most of the morning in Dinoland. We rode the dinosaur ride a couple time because it was such a cool ride. We were sent on a "mission" to find a certain dinosaur before an asteroid hit the earth and destroyed all living things all while being chased by another dinosaur. It was really fun and exciting and it had really cool graphics and dinosaurs moving that looked real. 

Kevin rode a roller coaster through a mountain. Dane and I hung out in a kid section while he did that. We also went on a safari and saw a lot of animals. And cooled off by riding a River Rapids ride. We got completely soaked on it. Fun stuff. AK had some really neat shows to see. We saw a Finding Nemo puppet musical that was awesome, and Lion King which was really cool also. 

We did a 3D movie called It's tough to be a bug. This show was the best!! It was animated bugs but a bit creepy. We got "stung" in the back, got water splashed on us by a bug, and then got sprayed by bug spray. It was hilarious. A bug comes at you with a can and next thing the lights go out and you are being sprayed with crazy force. Hard to explain but one of the best 3D shows we saw. At one point you had these HUGE animated spiders come down from the ceiling and they were practically in your lap. Creepy!!! But really cool. At the end the announcers tell you to stay seated, and then they tell all the bugs to exit the theater and you hear all these creepy things crawling... And then just when you think it's over you feel something underneath your butt move across your chair. I literally screamed out loud. Kevin could not stop laughing. It was hilarious, and I couldn't believe I had just fallen for it. 

We got to meet characters from the movie Up and Safari Mickey and Minnie. 
It was another fun day! We saw and did everything, and got back to the hotel and hung out at the hotel pool for a couple hours before calling it a night!

Do you see anything creepy?? 

Really cool ride! Dinosaur rocked!

Dane liked the triceratop ride.  

Soaked is an understatement. 

Finding Nemo- really cute musical

Jamming out on the African drums

Lots of pretty scenery waiting to ride the Safari

Awesome show!!! We are still talking about it!

Lion king!!

We had bad guys show up in our hotel room... D captured them. 

Doing a little more defeating bad guys before hitting the pool. 

Hollywood Studios is next!!

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