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Disney World - Day 4 - Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios was voted by all 3 of us our favorite park.  Don't get me wrong, we loved every single one and had a blast at all of them.  But, Hollywood took the cake for us.  There weren't as many rides, mainly shows but everything was geared towards things that Dane loves.  So, it made it extra fun having him really excited.  This park had Dane's name all over it, so we just knew that it was going to be his favorite. 

We had magic hours at Hollywood, so we were up and at em early that morning and at the park before the general public.  We felt well rested though since we got back to the hotel fairly early the day before and had time to relax and swim and relax some more. 

So what made Hollywood Studios Dane's favorite?

For starters there was a 4D Toy Story ride that was a lot of fun. We have all 3 Toy Story movies, Dane has always been a fan. The ride took you through all sorts of carnival type games with special effects and you had to try and hit moving targets with a spring type shooter. Lots of cool effects and a lot of fun. 

A star war ride called Star Tours was the biggest hit of all.  It was a 3D simulator ride that took us through the galaxy at a fast pace as we tried to help a rebel spy escape the empire. C3-PO was our guide throughout the galaxy.  We found out that there were dozen of adventures in this ride.  We rode it 3 times throughout the day, and it was a different experience each time.  The scenes were different each time we flew through it, so it made it like a new ride each time.  Dane LOVED this ride.  Like LOOOOVVVVEEDDD it.  

There was a short show about Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean that we got to enjoy! There were cool special effects as Davy Jones tried to sink Captain Jack's boat.  It was a cute show.  Fun to hear Dane asking if that was the "REAL" Jack, or the "Real" whoever we were around.  

We went to an Indiana Jones Stunt show that was awesome!!  We got to see a bunch of stunts, and then shown how the stunts are made in the actual movie.  Dane was staring intensely during the entire show, he loved every minute of it and was just amazed at seeing the "real" Indiana Jones in person.  Indiana Jones is the coolest cat ever to the little dude.  He LOVES all the Indiana Jones movies, the originals with Harrison Ford.  He got an Indiana Jones hat and satchel as a souvenir to go with the whip he already has.  In hog heaven I tell you.  The show was really cool and the stunts are unbelievable.  Really neat show, we were glad that Dane got to see it.

Also, at Hollywood Dane was able to officially became a member of the Jedi.  He went through a Jedi training academy where he learned how to "properly" use a light saber and then got to fight a bad guy like Darth Maul or Darth Vader.  Right up Dane's alley for sure.  He even got a Jedi diploma for passing the academy.  Making him a "real" Jedi! 

We saw a car stunt show that was awesome as well.  They acted like they were filming scenes for a movie and there was stunts done by cars, trucks, motorcycles, and jet skies.  They showed a lot of "tricks" that movies do during car chases where cars drive backwards, jump through fire, blow up etc.  It was exciting and suspenseful and jammed packed with action.  A surprise visitor showed up on set that had all the kids going crazy.  Lightening McQueen came around the corner and the crowd went nuts.  We also saw a spy car and got to see Mater on the big screen as well.  We got to see a man catch on fire, and we learned all about how they protect actors and are able to catch them on fire without getting injured.  The show was truly a neat experience and a favorite for all of us.  

We saw a Beauty and the Beast musical that was cute.  Dane and I both like that movie, so I was looking forward to it.  I'm not a huge musical gal, but  really liked this show.  

So, those are the highlights.  We did a bunch more that was all great too! Those that I mentioned were the favorites.  We had a great day at Hollywood Studios.  We really really enjoyed this day.  We didn't stay till the park closed to watch the night parades or fireworks any night except for our first day at Magic Kingdom.  We had intentions too, but by the time around 7 or 8:00 came around we were just too exhausted, and it wasn't worth dragging an extra cranky kid around.  If he was a little older then it would probably be easier to stay up later.  But, with the heat and all the walking we were pretty worn out by the time the evening rolled around.  

Lots of pictures from HS!
The Ears came back out for this day!

While we waited for the park to open Dane got entertained by his shadow! Crazy boy loves his shadow.  Especially when the shadows are extra long and makes him look super tall. 

And then my child declared to the world that his shadow of his head was on this guy's butt.  He demanded I take a picture of it.  Hilarious I tell you.  

Toy Story Mania

Um, yeah... best in vehicle oh yeah!

Dane got to create a little R2-D2 as a souvenir.  He got to pick all the parts to it, including an Indiana Jones hat for R2-D2 to wear.  Ha

Captain Jack Sparrow

kids hanging out watching a video waiting to enter the Disney Jr Live show.  
how Dane felt about the waiting.  Or me taking his picture.  It was probably the waiting.  Because he loves taking pictures.  :)

punching the bubbles that came down from the sky.  Being a silly goose

Jedi Training Academy

We went on a behind the scene tour of how special effects are done in the movies.  We saw how they catch trucks on fire,  how they make it rain on set, explosions etc.  

Dane got to play on a Honey I shrunk the kids movie set playground.  It was a great place for him to burn off some energy while we waited for our next show.  It featured huge items from the movie like plants, giant ants, and different things that sprayed water like a gigantic water gun.  He had a lot of fun here, and was soaking wet with sweat when it was time to leave.  

Mike and Sully from the Monsters Inc movies was at Hollywood Studios, so Dane got to meet them.  

all the kids playing games on their parents phones while waiting to get in to the stunt show.  Thought it was funny when I looked over and they were all sitting like this.  

Dane's best impression Mater.  HAHAHAHA
Dane raising his arm real high hoping to get picked to be a volunteer in the car stunt.  that could have been interesting.  

Kevin and I switched off and rode the Rock and Roll roller coaster.  Dane wasn't tall enough for this ride.  Really cool ride!!  

And some Disney pass photos:

That's our "we are so exhausted after 4 full days" look. Haha. Even Dane participated. 

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