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Disney World - Day 5 - Magic & Animal Kingdom

Whew!! Last full day at Disney World.  Didn't think I'd ever get to this post.  Ha

We spent the last day back at Magic Kingdom.  There was still quite a bit that we didn't get to do there  the first day we were there.  
When we got to the park we went and got a fast past for the Jungle Cruise, and then straight to Splash Mountain.  We were determined that we were going to ride this ride if it killed us.  The ride was everything we hoped it was going to be. Dane loved it! And guess what, we didn't get stuck on it this time.  Score.  
We ended up riding Big thunder again because the line was pretty short that morning, and we knew that Dane really liked that ride.  We rode more rides we hadn't done yet, watched another mid-day show at the castle, watched the lunch parade and even rode things that were favorites from the previous day like Buzz Lightyear.  
We saw the Monster's Inc laugh floor which was hilarious.  Basically it was like a comedy club.  Monsters from the movie got on stage and told jokes.  During the show they would put an audience member's face on the screen and do jokes about the person.  It was pretty cute and funny.  
Once we had ridden everything we wanted to do we went back to Splash Mountain and used our free fast pass we had gotten from getting stuck on the ride and rode it again.  Another successful day at Magic Kingdom.  

When we were at Animal Kingdom we had just gotten into a playground area called the Bone Yard when it started to sprinkle.  The worker made us all exit the playground, and Dane was so disappointed because he had just found an area that you could "dig" for fossils.  We weren't able to go back there that day, and Dane talked about the fossils he didn't get to get the rest of the evening, and he would mention it when Animal kingdom would come up in conversation the next couple days.  So, we decided that we would hate to get back home and all he could remember from his awesome Disney vacation was that he didn't get to dig for fossils. Not all the fun stuff he did.  I know it isn't that big of a deal, but he was really disappointed that he wasn't able to do it.  So, anyway after we spent the day at Magic and had done everything we were wanting to do we decided to use our park hopper pass and spend the last couple hours back at Animal Kingdom.  It didn't take us long at all to get on the shuttle and arrive there.  I took Dane to the playground and Kevin went and rode a roller coaster a couple times.  Dane played his heart out at the Bone Yard.  He found a couple other little boys, and they had so much fun together.  He had the best time running all over the place, digging for fossils etc.  I'm so glad that we went back to Animal Kingdom, Dane's vacation seemed to be complete. It was a good way to end the trip. 

Our whole trip was great!! We really had such a fun time despite the brutal heat.  A fun way to end the summer! 
Now I feel like I need a vacation to recover from this vacation. I'm sure that won't fly so maybe a massage will have to do! Our bodies have been through the ringer. Feeling a tad beat up and I still haven't caught up on my sleep. But... It was all worth it! Loved every minute of it. 

These little areas that had water misting were life savers! Man, oh man it was sooooo hot!
We finally rode Splash Mountain!
I had mentioned that I was a little nervous to do the big drop on Splash Mountain.  Dane was so sweet, told me he was going to sit by me on the ride and hold my hand the whole time.  And he did!!! Such a sweetheart.  He's still talking about me being "nervous" and him helping me during it.  

Here we go!!!

Thumbs up! Let's do it again!

This was the 2nd time we rode it.  this was his impression of me screaming down the big drop!!!! HAHAHAHA such a riot
So proud of himself with his impression
Hilarious!!!!  Kevin's shirt is wet like that because Dane had played in a splash pad seen below and Kevin carried him on his shoulders afterwards.  lol

All about his arms in the air

Aladdin carpet ride

Stitch's Great Escape was a weird ride.  You got on it thinking it was going to be an actual ride. You are sitting in like a spaceship looking thing. There was the shoulder contraption that you pull down to lock yourself in, but it wasn't a ride at all.  The creature talked a little bit, then the lights went completely out.  There was a little boy behind us that went totally berserk when the lights went out.  I'm talking screaming hysterically and major crying. Dane kept asking why that kid was screaming.  Makes me laugh to think about it.  So, you think the "ride" is about to start... and nothing.  Hard to explain but we got off confused.  Ha
This is Dane's reaction to it.  He said "You call that a ride?" such a silly one he is  

We loved this! So fun. 

Buzz again!

Astro Orbiter

The famous tea cups!! Loved this!! Dane was all about spinning these as fast as Kevin could do it.  I had to stay focused on Dane and not look out to not get sick.  It was so fun though.  

We were standing in line for a ride, and dying of heat.  There was no shade, and the line was sooooooo long.  We were sweating our tails off.  Miserable honestly.  So, we asked Dane would you rather ride this ride or go play in the water with the other kids.  Without hesitation he screamed water! So, we found some shade and let him run around for a long time and cool off.  He had the best time!! I wish we had seen this the first time, we would have let him cool off that day too.  

Kevin using D's shirt as shade.  Ha  He got cooled down too because he let Dane ride on his shoulders so he wouldn't get blisters with wet shoes, so his top half was wet.  He said it felt great!! I was tempted to take my turn letting Dane ride on my shoulders!! But... Dane has gotten pretty heavy these days.  

Goodbye Magic Kingdom!
Hello Animal Kingdom!

Dane directing me to follow him to the "secret" area to dig for fossils. 

Photo Pass Pics:

And that my friends is a wrap!

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