Saturday, August 3, 2013

Surprise Attack

We spent the day doing house chores, working on Dane's letters and words, organizing school clothes etc etc.  After getting a lot of stuff done around the house I remembered that I had water balloons that we hadn't used yet.  So, while Dane was upstairs playing Kevin and I snuck outside to fill them up.  We thought it would be fun to surprise the little dude with a little water war.  I was outside waiting, and Kevin told Dane he needed to come outside to the back yard, and before Dane could get downstairs Kevin ran outside and grabbed some balloons.  Dane came around the corner and Kevin threw a balloon at him.  He was shocked, but immediately started laughing and then trying to run away from getting hit.  He quickly got a hold of some balloons and started attacking! We had so much fun!! I took a few pictures in the beginning, and then put my camera away and joined in on the fun.  Dane just thought it was the coolest thing ever.  We had our war part one and then had to take a break and make more water balloons before doing the second part of the water fight.  
Dane kept talking about how we really liked that we surprised him.  I had mentioned to him earlier that morning that he was 5 1/2 now, so he kept saying "did you surprise me because I'm 5 1/2 now".  Ha That had nothing to do with it, but I guess he correlated the surprise to him getting older.  
Anyway, it was fun.  It's the little things sometimes.  
Making summer memories!

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