Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Disney World - Day 1- Epcot

We are home!!! 

How do you talk about Disney World without writing a book??   I've been trying to figure that out since we got home yesterday.  I'm overwhelmed with how much we did, how many pictures we took, how many memories we made, and how much we saw. 

Wednesday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn, 4:15 to be exact, to get ready to leave. Our flight was around 7:00 that morning, so we had to get an early start. We woke Dane up with a lot of enthusiasm and a bag full of Mickey goodies. His initial reaction was a little blah, it was early and he woke up a bit tired and cranky.  Not as excited as we were hoping. I videoed it and will put it on here later today. But, we knew that he probably had no clue what Disney World would include besides Mickey living there. Once he got up and moving and the more we talked about what we were doing the excitement grew. By the time we were in the car he had come alive and was a Chatty Cathy, never taking a breath. He talked nonstop from that point on and was really excited especially after he heard he would get to see Star War characters and Indiana Jones. I should have given him a bag full of gifts with those characters on it. Ha
He was excited though and asked a million questions about what our vacation would include.

By the time we got to Florida, checked into the hotel and waited for a bus to take us to our first park it was about 12:30. So we grabbed a quick lunch and started the adventure at Epcot. 
We figured out really quick that we were going to be a sweaty mess the entire trip, and walking an insane amount, and there was going to be lots of waiting in lines. The heat was pretty brutal, and the humidity was crazy. No way to look cute with your hair slicked back from sweat, and makeup gone after 20 minutes from being outside. That's my disclaimer for the pictures of me. :)

We had a good first day at Epcot.  We rode pretty much everything we could. Our favorite by far was the Test Track. You get to design a race car which Dane loved and check it's safety features before getting into a race car and taking a 65mph ride on the track. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up riding it again before leaving the park. Another favorite was The Seas, a Finding Nemo ride along with Turtle Talk with Crush. All the kids got to sit real close to the stage and Crush the cool turtle from Finding Nemo let the kids ask him questions. Really cute and funny little show. 
Dane got a couple autographs from Mickey, Minnie and Pluto before we called it a night. It was a fun filled day, exhausting but we enjoyed every minute of it. 

Lots of pictures... A combination from my camera, cell phone, and Disney photo pass. Disney cast members would take your picture, and you had a card they would scan. Only problem is that they are very expensive to order prints from ... $14.99 for one 4x6. Didn't know they were that expensive or I wouldn't have used them at all. So I just took a pic with my cell of the pic on the computer. Not great quality for those, but those are ones I didn't get with my own camera. Figures. 

Next up...Day 2- Magic Kingdom

Excited at the airport!

Woohoo! Going to Disney!
Waiting for the magical express bus to get to our hotel
Walt Disney World!!
Hanging out at the hotel while Kevin got us checked in.

Looking around taking it all in.
Watching Disney videos on the bus while enjoying his new Mickey fan

Grand tour ride

Taking a break to cool down

Dane sure is smiling big to be just eaten by a shark

Cool futuristic cars to look at in the test track line

The boys designing our car. Dane absolutely loved this!

The pic the ride took of us. Haha

Figment of imagination ride

2nd test track ride 

Dane had his autograph book out and ready... He would ask very politely if they would sign his book.

Disney, you have outdone yourselves with star war Mickey ears!

His little legs couldn't hang with the amount of walking we had to do each day. Kevin gave him probably a million shoulder rides throughout the trip.

Shuttle ride back to the hotel

Photo pass photos:

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