Sunday, September 1, 2013

A little bit of everything

Thursday of last week: 
Dane asked me if I thought people would think he had coffee in his mug.  Wants to be just like his daddy.  No coffee for him though... think he had orange or apple juice.  He wanted to bring his mug with him to school.  Hilarious.  

First spirit day!! He's dying to wear his new Ault hoodie, and asks like everyday.  Pretty sure since it's still 102 degrees a hoodie might be too warm still.  Come on fall weather!!

I feel like my emotions and feelings for the first week of kindergarten has been overshadowed by everything I'm dealing with in regards to my job.  I haven't gotten to fully enjoy or be excited about Dane being in school and really enjoy the moment because my mind has constantly been in a negative place.  The last few weeks have been HELL.  There is no nice way to put it.  My job or shall I say the management I work for has completely sucked the life out of me, and completely destroyed the passion I once had for the type of work I do.  Talk about feeling completely suffocated and trapped.  
So, to say it's been rough would be a total understatement.  I'm completely over it and have no fight left inside of me. I know that the only way I'll ever feel like myself again will be to leave where I'm at and never turn back.  I'm desperate for a new job opportunity, but have had zero luck.  So, that's where I'm at.  Prayers to finding a new job would be greatly appreciated! Or... someone stepping forward and leaving me lots of money to pay our bills would also be accepted.  :)

So, I've been staying busy trying to keep my mind off stuff.  My pantry, junk drawers, and a couple closets have all fallen victim to me staying busy.  I think we went through a whole box of garbage bags in the last couple days.  It does feel good to purge.  It's amazing how much crap accumulates over the years.  My kitchen and pantry is spotless, and our junk drawers no longer can be called that.  It's organized and only has things in it that is needed for daily use. 

We spent the day yesterday in College Station.  Friday ended horribly at work, and so I told Kevin that I could not be cooped up in the house Saturday, I needed to do something fun to get my mind off stuff. We didn't have tickets to the game, but we drove over and watched the march in and hung out at the fan zone.  Then went to Lupe Tortillas to eat lunch and watch the game.
 Yes, the first half was Brutal, and embarrassing. Yes, we were burying our heads. Yes, we were thinking you have got to be kidding me. Let's hope that was not an indication to how the season will go.  And, YES Johnny Manziel needs a butt whooping by his parents, his coaches, his fans and anyone else that would like to take a swing at him.  The boy has serious talent and is so much fun to watch, but as everyone knows he has made lots of poor decisions.  Young and stupid.  Let's hope he can turn things around and get back to being the Aggie quarterback that he should be.  And, I'm not talking about athletic ability.  I'm talking about being the true leader of the team, a role model, someone who makes decisions with his team's best interest at heart.
But, the Aggies turned up the heat the 2nd half, and it was a great ending to the game.  We had fun hanging out in College Station.  We love football season!

Before the march in Kevin ended up running into one of his old students at the student center, one he had written a letter of recommendation for her application to get into A&M.  She is a member of the corp, and told him where she would be during the march in.  So, we were able to find her which was cool.  She is in the center of the picture, between the guy in the front and the girl carrying the flute.  

After the game we went and saw my cousin Haley and her new apartment.  She just moved to College Station to attend college! Great getting to see her all grown up!!  She gives us more of a reason to visit CS more frequently now! She was being a good student and studying on game day! Couldn't believe it!  :)

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