Monday, September 9, 2013

And that's a fact Jack!

Saturday we celebrated our friend Zach's 8th birthday.  Can't believe he is already 8 years old.  Time has flown!  His actual birthday is on the same day that Kevin proposed to me 8 years ago! Sept 8, 2005!! Again, can't believe it's been 8 years since that moment when I was just a girl thinking we were going to a nice dinner, and had no idea the most important question I'd ever have to answer would be answered the night.  
8 years.   Seriously mind blowing.  
Time is just a moving!

We had a fun time at the party.  Got to catch up with the Gonzalez clan which is always nice, and we got to hang out in the photo booth which is a blast! 
Can anyone guess what Zach's party theme was?? HAHAHAHAHAHA
So cute!

 the birthday boy, Zach

Dane was attached to the bandanna.  Wore it the entire time we were at the party.  

Saturday evening we listened to the Aggie/Bearkat game on the radio.  The game wasn't on tv, which was a shame.  So, we just tuned in on the College Station game day station.  My poor Bearkats got beat pretty bad.
Eat Em Up Kats/ Gig Em!!

Sunday my man surprised me with a little gift since it was Sept 8th.  Very sweet, and unexpected.

And the party started a new trend... a redneck trend.
or a ninja trend
or a sushi chef
whatever you want to call it.

He wore this bandanna the entire next day, never taking it off. Obsessed. 

Fun stuff!

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