Sunday, September 15, 2013

Here we go again

This kid...
Giving us a run for our money in kindergarten.  
When I was in school I was pretty shy, NEVER got into trouble, always listened to my teachers, never got in trouble for talking or being silly.  
But, he did not get that trait.  His teacher would never describe him as being quiet or shy.  :) Mr personality.  Class Clown.  Marches to the beat of his own drum.  
He is loving school, but having to learn when it is time to be silly and when it is time to sit quietly.  

And he has gotten so independent.  Loves going through the cafeteria line in the mornings, and enjoying pizza on Fridays.  I have to keep a close eye on his account, because a couple days he has gone through more than once.  He's like a snack hoarder.  He gets breakfast, and then buys a snack for later in the day, and has even gotten 2 snacks in a day so he would have a snack when he got home.  Had to nip that in the bud.  He was saving up food for a natural disaster.  Crazy kid. 

This was the best we could do for yellow day on Thursday. I dug all through his closet, and this was the only shirt that had yellow in it.  Next Thursday is Blue... we will have lots of options for this day!

Silly silly goose.   

We had Dane's first and last baseball practice for the fall season.  You read that right.  We had planned on him playing this fall, but after dealing with straight chaos and no organization or communication we pulled him out and got our money back.  The league we played with in the spring doesn't offer fall ball for his age group, so we went with a new league.  It had been months of frustration and then the practice just did us in.  So, no baseball till the spring which is probably better anyway while Dane gets adjusted to school.  

Friday evening my lovely madre and favorite niece came into town to spend some time with us.  We had a fun dinner at Gringos, got to catch up on things.  Saturday they watched Dane so Kevin and I could go to College Station for the big game.  Dane loves having family in town! 

My sweet friend Becca invited us to come hang out with a bunch of her friends to watch the game Saturday.  We left super early Saturday morning to head to College Station.  We knew traffic was going to be terrible, and parking was going to be a big mess.  So, our plan was for us to park at her place and share a cab with her and her boyfriend and another couple.  She spoiled us rotten with a huge breakfast before we headed to campus.  I've known Becca since 2001 when we were in x-ray school together in College Station.  Love this girl!
We went and hung out most of the day at the tailgating area with a bunch of her friends.  We had so much fun.  Aggies are seriously so generous with other Aggies, regardless if you know them or not.  Each tent is full of yummy food and they don't care who you are but you are invited to eat as much as you want.  After a couple minutes of being there Kevin and I were surrounded by 100 new friends who were happy to have us there.  We had a blast.   It was SOOOOOOOO hot.  Ugh.  So hot.  We were a sweaty mess.  We cheered and cheered for our Aggies.  Sadly, they lost but only by 7 points to the #1 team.  They played hard and never stopped fighting.  We were proud of them!
The ending of the night was a bit different than we had planned.  Game was over, so we were ready to head back to Cypress.  We spent about an hour trying to get a hold of a taxi.  We called all 10 companies that were listed on the internet.  Couldn't get through any of them for the longest time, and then finally got through and it was a 3 hour wait.  Everyone and their mommas were calling for cabs, obviously.  So, we decided to walk.  Yes. Walk.  Kevin and I started walking with hopes of catching an empty cab on the way.  No such luck.  It was a LONG walk!! It sucked.  It was late, and so hot and humid, and I was wearing sandals which caused a huge blister on the bottom of my foot.  Ouch.  I made it about 3/4s of the way before having to stop at Chili's.  I hung out there and got us a soft drink while Kevin ran the rest of the way and then came and picked me up.  Oh, and both of our cell phones by the time we got to Chili's was completely dead.  Not a good situation.  But, the hubs is a runner so after leaving me at Chili's he took off and was back in record time.  We can laugh about it now, so it's all good.  Well worth it, because spending the day in College Station was really a great time.  And I loved getting to catch up with Becca.  Love those Aggies!

our sad pouty face when Alabama won

I'm so sad that the weekend is over and it's back to work I go.  Boo! 

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