Thursday, September 5, 2013

This week... in my cell phone

We spent out last day at our neighborhood pool for the year over Labor Day wknd.  It sucks that it closes after Labor day wknd since it is still 100+ degrees for another couple months.  How will we survive the remaining heat???? 
Hoping Fall comes sooner than later.  

Sunday night  Dane went "camping"...

Dane is Mr Independent these days.  He doesn't need his momma much anymore. So very sad.  Tuesday on our way to his school he asked me if I had seen those big kids that walked into the school without their mom walking with them.  When I said yes, he said well I want to do that today.  I asked him if he thought he would be able to go to the sign in desk, and get signed in all by himself.  He said yes.  And that was it.  He didn't even want me to get out of the car.  :(
So, I let him do it... 
I stood at my car and watched my little baby act so grown up and just walk all the way to the building, and talk to the lady at the sign in desk.  Then I watched his little blonde hair (that's all I could see through the window bc he wasn't tall enough) go in the direction of where he was needing to be.  
So grown up, it's unbelievable.  Today was day 3 of him doing it all by himself.  I snapped a quick picture while I waited in my car till I saw he was with the staff.  

Tuesday afternoon we were talking about his day when he told me that he saw kids getting food at the cafeteria that morning, so he got some breakfast too.  I was shocked. He was just so matter of fact about it.   He eats breakfast at home, and we hadn't told him yet about his cafeteria account we had set up.  We pack him a lunch everyday, and I wasn't sure how it would all work because we were given a 6 digit number he is suppose to memorize.  So, I was just letting him get used to school, before I told him about his account, and he has been content with bringing his lunch.  We have a little money on it just in case he loses his lunch or forgets it or whatever.  
But... Tuesday he saw kids getting food and he didn't think anything of it and just went up there like a grown up and ordered himself a cinnamon roll and chocolate milk.  Crazy.  Seriously crazy and mind blowing.  We said how did you pay for it??? Because I was curious did he steal this food??? HAHA
He seemed confused... he was like I didn't pay for it.  My eyes got big, and so I started asking him step by step what he did.  And just like that I realized I got myself an independent little guy.  He stood in line and followed the other students, ordered what he wanted and then got to the lunch lady, and when she asked him his number he didn't know it.  So, she asked him his full name.  He told her Dane Crawford Wittschen, and even spelled Wittschen for her.  Then he took his tray and went on his way.  It really just cracks me up that he hadn't heard one word about the cafeteria and he just confidently walked up to the line and ordered him some breakfast.  Thankfully, we can get online and check our accounts, so I made sure that we paid for it.  And we did.  And we had to have a little chat about how this food isn't just free, that he's not able to just get food everyday especially when he eats breakfast at home.  But, it makes me feel better that he's got it all figured out. 

We got our first homework assignment this week.  We had to make a 2 sided idea collage of family, favorite things, favorite places, and fun stuff to help inspire their writing.  Can't say I'm looking forward to homework everyday.  

Wednesday we had dinner at the park.  Neither of us felt like cooking or cleaning, so we picked up Sonic and let Dane play for a little while.  Dane sported his new glasses he got in his kid's meal. Ha
 His fake awkward smile kills me.  Seriously kills me. 

Every Thursday is color day.  The kids have to wear the color that they are learning to read, spell and write.  
This week is Red.  We will have no problems with the color days of blue, black, green etc.  
But... pink, yellow and purple are days we probably will struggle with finding something to wear.  

 Dane came home with hip hip hooray report today for a great job with following directions.  Thumbs up!

Almost 2 weeks in and Dane is loving kindergarten.  He truly loves everything about it.  Loves learning, loves his teacher, PE, Recess, lunch... everything.  
He says he is making friends, but still doesn't know names.  Such a man.  Details just aren't important.  Dane could talk to a wall... doesn't need a name of someone to be their friend I guess.  Everyday he gets off the bus with a big smile.  It's been a great 2 weeks for him.  

The weekend is near! So Ready!

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