Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday visitor

Dane has had lots of extra attention the last few days.  Kevin's mom came into town and spent a few days with us.  Dane was happy to have someone to play nonstop with him.  Friday was Jackie's birthday so, we celebrated with dinner at Pappadeaux and cupcakes from Sprinkles.  
Jackie went home today, and I'm betting that she is worn out from Dane's constant chatter and his relentless demands to play with him.  We had a great time getting to catch up and spend time with her.  

Dane was able to buy something from the spirit cart at school on Friday.  I saw on facebook earlier that day on his school's page that slime was the best seller of the day, and I prayed that Dane hadn't seen it.  
But, God didn't hear my prayer.  Dane came home with slime aka The Blob.  Sigh.  He has played with it all weekend, and currently it has found a permanent home in my fridge.  Gotta love spirit cart!

Dane had to go with me to grocery shop, he wanted to ride in the cart so he could play with the ipad while I shopped.  Little booger complained and moaned and groaned the entire time that I shopped.  He wasn't comfortable, he had stuff up against his arms, things were cold touching his legs, etc etc.  
Life is rough, huh?!?!?! 
We made a yummy treat to start off the fall season. MMMM MMMM Good!

I think God gave Dane this exuberant personality to simply remind me not to take life too seriously.  He's a riot. 

Saturday we went to DewBerry Farm.  This is the same place that Jackie and I took Dane 2 years ago and ended up losing one of Dane's shoes.  It was so baffling that one minute he had his shoe, and the next it was vanished.  Such a crazy funny story.  
No shoes went missing this time.  We probably should have gone Sunday instead of Saturday because it was brutally hot on Saturday.  It felt like it was 110 degrees.  Sunday a cold front came in and the weather was perfect.  Dane had a blast though doing all that DewBerry offers.  He had a great time, and it was good to go and get us out of the house.  We had a fun day despite the heat.  For the record I was there although I'm not in a single picture.  :)

We enjoyed having Jackie in town, and look forward to her and Barry's visit during the holidays.  

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