Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Place

I am proud to say that things seem to be back to normal around here.  As I mentioned in my last post the first few weeks of school were rough, and we were having a hard time figuring out why Dane was behaving the way he was.  So much of his actions were out of character for him so it really made it hard to figure out what was really going on.  We still don't know why, we think it was a combination of things.  I think he missed his old school and friends, think he wasn't being challenged enough in the beginning and was simply bored, he had a hard time adjusting to the expectations, his teacher let him get away with behavior the first few weeks and so he just ran with it, etc etc. Something was off, and we just couldn't figure out what was going on.  It was extremely frustrating, but at the same time heartbreaking.  Something deeper was going on with him, and to not be able to understand what it is will kill you.  Rough I tell you.  I had lots of tears and prayers.

But, in my last post I said that Tuesday- Friday were all good days.  And this week has been the same.  Mon- Wed were great days. 7 days in a row of good behavior.  Normal Dane behavior.  We have gotten stickers and stamps and smiley faces and letters from the teacher saying how great he's been.  Something has clicked.  And I am thankful.  That's not to say that he isn't still his little chatter box self, because let's face it Dane has waaaaay to much personality to have it contained at all times.  But, he is listening to his teacher, being respectful, following directions, completing his work, being nice to his friends etc etc.  He is being the Dane that we know he can be.  The one we kept telling his teacher about.

So, anyway I'm on a high.  On cloud 9.  I'm hoping that this continues, but I feel like I can breathe again.  And relax, and not worry as much every day while I watch the clock tick by as I wait for him to get home.  Things seem to be back to normal.  And everyone is happy about that!

Orange Day!

Super Star!

Today was college day.  There were a lot of Aggies in his class.  His teacher included! 

I played hooky from work, and had lunch with Dane at his school.
His awkward fake smile kills me!! Seriously, kills me. 
 He was SOOOOOOOOO excited to have me there.  He was in full on silly mode.  

Today his bus was 45 minutes late!!! Can you imagine how many phone calls the school got?? I called after about 20 minutes of waiting because I was worried.  His bus is never late, pulls into our stop at 3:30 on the dot every day.  All the people at all the bus stops on our street soon gathered in the middle, and we had a little neighborhood social.  90% of all the moms had called the school before we got together.  HaHa 
The bus was late getting to the school... that's the info we got.  You think??  :) 

We had another spirit day. This time it was at Chick fil-a.  We didn't do dinner, but just got a brownie sunday to share for a treat for being good the last few days.  I let Dane play for a while as an extra bonus.  He cracked me up.  He was busy playing in the play area when he comes busting out of the door screaming AUBRY AUBRY, and then runs to a table where a little girl was sitting.  I'm a little confused at first with what was happening.  The little girl smiles real big, and says HEY DANE! He was so excited to see her.  He says "I can't believe you are here at Chick fil-a too, I had no idea I'd see you here".  It was HILARIOUS!! Aubry is in his class, obviously.  He was extremely excited, so excited that strangers were laughing and commenting about how funny it was.  He might have a little crush on Aubry.  As we were leaving 2 more of his classmates came in, and it just blew his mind. He was shocked that he was running into classmates at Chick Fil-a. He didn't get that it's spirit night, so we were all there for the same reason.... to raise money for his school.  Really funny.  

This evening he was really quiet... I found him "working" on his sketch book.  He was in his own little world in complete silence doing his thing.  Super cute.  

2 more days of work... 
Come on Weekend!!

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